The All-India English Language Testing Authority (AIELTA) is the testing Arm of the University.AIELTA develops and designsEnglish Language Proficiency Teststo enable students in colleges andUniversities, as well aspeople in theworkforce to assess theirproficiency in English for theireducational and professional needs. Unlike many other language proficiency tests currently available, AIELTA tests specially tailored to meet the demands for English inan Indian context. Developed byexperts at EFL-U, these tests areopen to anyone over sixteenregardless of their educationalqualifications or employment status.

AIELTA also develops tests on demand fororganisations that require adiagnostic tool to measure thelanguage abilities of theiremployees.

AIELTA’s goals are:

• to producestandardized tests at various levelsto measure functional abilities in English

• to offer consultancyservices to public and private sectororganizations; and

• to respond to theneeds of state and central agencies as well as institutions at secondary andtertiary levels of educationthroughout the country.