Aesthetics and Philosophy

The Department of Aesthetics and Philosophy offers itself as an interdisciplinary space which endeavours to facilitate engagement with issues across various disciplines in the Humanities such as Linguistics, Literature, Cultural Studies, Feminist studies, Media Studies, Translation Studies, India Studies etc from the perspective of theoretical structure and conceptual coherence. The rationale behind this approach consists in the recognition that the most productive way ahead for philosophy lies in a lateral movement playing a catalytic role in the cross-fertilisation of ideas from across cognate and even distant disciplines.

At the level of intellectual culture, the Department makes a conscious effort to promote an intellectual attitude based on the virtues of conceptual rigour, intellectual honesty, discursive openness, clarity of thought and integrity of understanding as the grounding values.

The fundamental outlook of the Department of Aesthetics and Philosophy centres on the conviction that philosophy represents open-endedness of thought as opposed to all forms of theological thinking based on some dogma—either conservative or radical, and the premise that such open-endedness is possible only with an ability and willingness to resist the transient tyranny of passing intellectual fashion.

The department has three members at present.

Prof. Syed Sayeed, who is also currently the Head of the Department, tries to locate his work around the convergence of Analytic and Continental philosophy and areas like the philosophy of social sciences and political thought.

The next senior member, Dr. T. Sreedharan is an assistant professor and his interests cover Classical and Contemporary Indian Philosophy, Existentialism and Comparative Aesthetics.

The third member of the department Mr. SantoshRaut too is an assistant professor and his fields of interest are Buddhist studies, Dalit Studies, Aesthetics and Art History.

As of now, the department only runs a Ph. D programme, though, in addition to it the members of the department offer elective courses to students of MA programmes not only in philosophy but in a range of interdisciplinary areas, taking care to design them in such a way as to make them most relevant to the main thrust of the particular postgraduate programme. Through this effort, the department of Aesthetics and Philosophy tries to do justice to its role in the fundamentally interdisciplinary orientation of this university.

Professor Prof. Syed Abdul Sayeed


M.A. SVU, Tirupati
Ph. D IIT Kanpur

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Telephone:  09676564322
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I studied science in Kadapa, AP and later philosophy in Tirupati.

Completing my PhD in 1985 from IITKanpur I was a visiting Fellow at Liverpool University, UK under Charles Wallace Trust Fellowship programme in 2000. I was Visiting Faculty at HCU Hyderabad under the UPE scheme in 2006.

I was a Ford Foundation Visiting Faculty at CIEFL in 2008 I taught in AMU Aligarh for eighteen years.


Lecturer and Reader at AMU from 1985-2003; Professor at EFLU Hyderabad 2008-present.

Research Interests

Analytic and Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of science, and social sciences, Literary theory,



Knowledge and Reality

Towards a Nonreductionistic View Articles in Indian Philosophical Quarterly, ICPR Journal, Social Scientist, Journal of HSS, (IIAS Shimla), Viswabharti Journal, Jadavpur journal of Comparative Literature, Aligharh Journal of Islamic thought..

Articles in Books

Volume on Science and Literature, edited by Amiya Dev; Perspectives on the Political, edited by Kulkarni, M.

Awards and Memberships

Member of ICPR

Conferences, seminars, lectures, invited talks

Those organised by IIAS, Shimla, Teen MurtiBhavan, Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, different Universities in India, England and Wales.

Colliquia of Indian-British philosphers held in Lampeter, Wales, UK and Dharmashala, India

Assistant Professor Dr. Sreedharan T.


BA, MA (Calicut University)
MPhil (Calicut University)
PhD (Madras University)

Contact Details

Telephone:  9491884868


Courses Taught

• Comparative Aesthetics

• Literary Criticism

• Educational Philosophy

• Interesting Eddies, Branching Trajectories: Literary Texts, Philosophical Subtexts

• Foundations of Aesthetics and Art Theory

• Reflective Threads from Eastern and Western Philosophy

• Western Philosophy: Concepts and Issues

• History of Ideas

• Artists on Art

Research Interests

Daoism, Sufism, Indian Philosophy, Educational Philosophy, Art Theory


• Romantic Poetry: Module for the Department of Distance Education, EFLU

• “The World Is What Was Given. The World Is What We Make: Albert Camus’ Bifocal Credo in The Plague.” The Icfai University Journal of English Studies, Vol. IV: 2009

• Obliquity, Suggestiveness, and the Exploration of the Plurisignative Potential in Ancient Chinese, Sanskrit and Symbolist Poetics. Journal of Manuscript Studies, Vol XL-2009-10

Conferences, seminars, lectures, invited talks

1. “To Resign is to Re-sign: Annihilation & Identity in the poems of Sujathadevi” National Seminar “Women Writers of Kerala”, Centre for Comparative Literature, UOH &SahityaAkademi. Oct 2009

2. Invited Talk –“Environmental and Everyday Aesthetics,”National Seminar on “Post Modern Literary Theories” (July 2010) Dept. of Malayalam, Government College for Women, University of Kerala, Trivandrum.

3. Invited Talk –“Self, Text, Transformation: Looking at the Upanishadic and the Buddha’s Teachings,” National Seminar: “Glimpses of Vedic Vision in Indian Writing in English” SreeSankaraVidyapeetom College, Perumbavoor, Kerala.

Other interests

Indian Classical Music, Malayalam Poetry, Films

Assistant Professor Mr. Raut Santosh Ishwardas

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