English Language Teaching Institute Support Scheme

The other influential Extension programme, the ELTI Support Scheme, is a sponsored project through which the EFL University funds and monitors the training programmes of the thirteen English Language Teaching Institutes and two Regional Institutes of English in India. Under the auspices of the Scheme about 2, 00,000 teachers have so far been trained across the country. Besides funding the training programmes, the Scheme provides academic support to these Institutes in the form of designing curriculum, syllabus, learning materials, teacher resource materials, and train-the-trainer courses. It also provides space and support to undertake research projects related to ELT. The prime mandate of the Scheme is to update teachers in the use of new technologies and methods to teach English as a second language at the secondary level.

Person to contact:

Dr. K. Venkat Reddy
All India Coordinator of the Scheme
Office phone: (91)040-27090753