Innovation Cell
Innovation Cell

Universities, both private and public, across the globe have realised that in order to meet the needs of the modern student, they have to break with tradition and find innovative ways of performing their task. There is a need for institutions of higher education to reinvent themselves. The overarching message is one of 'change', and the English and Foreign Languages University has taken steps towards achieving this.

There is a growing demand from companies - both national and international - that graduates have good communication skills. To meet this demand, the university has started producing materials aimed at improving an individual’s soft skills. The Ministry of Human Resources and Development has requested the university to produce proficiency level courses in languages, and that they be made available on the MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses) platform. Currently, EFL-U is producing online courses in the following languages: English, French and German. Other foreign languages – Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, etc. – will soon follow. We are currently identifying partners in publishing sector, software industry, vocational education, professional education, and other related areas to facilitate cooperation in designing courses and/or recreating course components. The aim is to develop an Education Technology Cell in order to:

• digitize higher education content and make it available to one and all

• record and upload classroom teaching videos as podcasts