Non-Formal Courses and Resources

The Non-Formal Courses and Resources Wing of the EFL University offers need-based short-term and long-term courses under two broad heads:

A Proficiency courses that are initiated and offered by the University based on perceived needs of society or sections of society for language training in English or in the foreign languages taught at the University.

B Short-term training programmes that are offered by the University in English or Foreign Languages, on specific requests from educational institutions, government departments, corporate organizations or private firms.

A. Short-term Proficiency Courses in English



Target Group

All learners (intermediate completed and above) who want to improve their proficiency in English

There are two types of short-term proficiency courses:

40-Hour Proficiency Course in English (1 month)

Two such courses are offered every year

Programme 1: May

Programme 2: December

Course Fee: Rs.1500/-

Application Form Fee: Rs.25/-

Timings: 7-9am / 3-5pm / 6-8pm

160 Hour Proficiency Course in English (4 months)

This programme is meant for anyone who has a working knowledge of English and wishes to improve his/her language skills. Classes for this programme are usually held early in the morning (7-9 am) or late in the evening (6-8 pm).

Two such Proficiency courses are run every year

Programme 1: January - April

Programme 2: July - October

Course Fee: Rs.6000/-

Application Form Fee: Rs.50/-

Timings: 7-9am / 6-8pm

B. Short term training programmes and services offered on request:

1. Training programmes in English Language for Educational Institutions/Government and Corporate Organizations

2. Need-based Trainer Training Programmes in English Language Teaching.

3. Editing / Translating Official and Research Documents.

4. Designing Course Curriculum and Developing Materials.

Target Group

Indian Air Force (IAF) Education Officers
Indian Foreign Service (IFS) Probationers
Teachers/Faculty/ Officers from Corporate Organizations and Educational Institutions on a need basis.

Short-term proficiency courses in English conducted from 2010 – 2014