Phonetics and Spoken English
Associate Professor Dr. Dominic Savio

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Associate Professor Dr. Komali Prakash


B.Sc (Sri Venkateshwara University)
MA (Sri Krishna Devaraya University)
PGDTE (Semester 1 – CIEFL)
M.Litt (CIEFL)

Contact Details

Telephone: 9866811142


After my MA in English Literature and Language in 1982, I taught for six months and then in 1983 got admitted into PGDTE in CIEFL. After my 1st semester of DTE, was promoted to the 2nd semester of M.Litt (Linguistics and Phonetics) and completed M.Litt in 1984. I returned to CIEFL in 1987 to pursue my Ph.D in Phonetics. In 1987 September, was awarded the UGC JRF. I completed my Ph.D in 1991. From then on, worked in some colleges in the twin cities, like Amrit Kapadia P.G College, St. Pious Degree College, St. Ann’s Degree College etc, in Hyderabad till I was appointed as a Reader in the department of Phonetics and Spoken English in CIEFL in 2006. In 2009 became an Associate Professor.


Before coming to EFLU I worked in some Degree and P.G Colleges in the twin cities, the longest term (8 years) being in St. Ann’s Degree College, Mehdipatnam. Taught English Language and Literature to General English and Literature Students.

In EFLU, I am currently teaching Articulatory and Acoustic Phonetics to students of Phonetics (B.A, B.Ed, M.A., PGDTE, Ph.D students). I also teach ‘speaking’ to students of International Training Programme. Apart from this I teach on special training programmes like Indian Air Force, Indian Foreign Service, RELO, District Centre Scheme and other National and International Training Programmes.

Research Interests

Pedagogical Phonetics, Articulatory Phonetics, Acoustic Phonetics, and Integrating Phonetics with Literature.

Name of the candidate Degree Year Topic of the thesis
Mr. Tarun Tamuli M.Phil(Awarded) 2008 “A Pedagogical Study of the articulation of some of the difficult segmental phonemes of English by the Teachers teaching at the secondary level in vernacular medium School of Assam”.
Mr. Masrook Ahmad Dar M.Phil(Awarded) 2010 “A Contrastive Analysis of Supra-Segmental Features of Kashmiri and Kashmiri Variety of English: Pitch and Intonation”
Mr. P. Mattiah Yadav M.Phil(Awarded) 2010 “A study of the existing methods of teaching phonetics at Technological Institute in Hyderabad”.
Ms. Mridumoni Dhekial Phukan Ph.D(Awarded) 2011 “An Acoustic Study of the Intonation Patterns of Assamese English”
Ms. Aditi Arora M.Phil(Awarded) 2011 “A Study of Acoustic Analysis of Implosives in Seraiki Language across Three Generations in India”
Mr. Sudhakar Bhedam Ph.D(Awarded) 2011 “A Phonetic Study of the Segmental Features and Word Accent of English Spoken by African Students in Hyderabad”
Mr. Tarun Tamuli Ph.D(Awarded) 2013 “Rhythm and Intonation in Assamese and its impact on Assamese English: A Phonetic Study”
Ms. Sirisha Domathoti M.Phil(Awarded) 2014 “The Essentials of English Rhythm in the Teaching of Nursery Rhymes”
Mr. Surya Bhan Ph.D(Pursuing) 2012 “A Socio-Phonetic Study of English Spoken in Central Uttar Pradesh”
Ms. Geetha Kinnera Ph.D(Pursuing) 2013 “Perception of Telugu English Intonation pattern by native speakers of English”.
Mr. Bhaskar (Lucknow Campus) Ph.D(Pursuing) 2013 “The intelligibility of Vietnamese English by the same versus different language families – A Phonetic Study”.
Mr. Kishore Kumar Anumalla Ph.D(Pursuing) 2014 Pursuing coursework


Material developer/Editor of (Phonetics Section) – Internet (I and II) Material developer for JNTU (Kakinada) English Text Book (The Phonetics part) Strengthen your steps (3 editions). Material developer for course Material for PGDTE (distance Mode) Block III (Rhythm & Intonation). Produced Reading Cards

Awards and Memberships

Administrative Responsibilities (Past and Present):

Head, Department of Phonetics

Academic Coordinator for International Training Programme

SRC (School of Language Sciences)

Member of BRS

Deputy Dean, Student Welfare

Warden, International Women’s Hostel

Conferences, seminars, lectures, invited talks

1. Conducted 2 week workshop in summer for School teachers of Venkatappa Memorial School, Pulivendala.

2. Communication and Soft Skills workshop for teachers in Olivet School, Visakhapatnam.

3. Personality Development and Communication Skills Programmes in St Pious Degree College, Hyderabad.

4. Resource Person for the Ten-day staff development programme of CVR College of Engineering, Hyderabad held during summer vacation.

5. Resource Person at the UGC National Level Seminar in Bidar Engineering College.

6. Resource Person at St. Joseph’s PG & UG College, Hyderabad, during a 10 day ‘Catholic School Teacher’s Enrichment Programme’.

7. Gave the keynote address on Women empowerment at the City College, Hyderabad.

8. One day workshop in DPS, Nacharam.

9. Gave the key note address at Delhi Public School Graduation Ceremony.

10. Keynote address at the graduation of David Memorial PG College.

Other Interests

Hobbies – Singing and listening to western classical music; Interior decoration, teaching the slum kids. Counselling and trouble shooting in Parent-Children, marital problems etc.

Clubs: Member of YWCA

Help Lepra India in resources and in fund raising.

Associate Professor Dr. Salivendra Jayaraju

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Associate Professor Dr. C. Meena Debashish

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Assistant Professor Ms. Neelam Chhetry


MA, M.Phil: University of Delhi

Contact Details

Telephone: 040- 27689633


I completed my B.A (Hons), M.A and M.Phil Degrees from University of Delhi. I worked as a lecturer in Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi, South Campus. Presently, I am pursuing my PhD in the area of Experimental Phonetics broadly titled ‘Sociophonetics of Segmental Convergence amongst Languages: Evidence from Nepali, Maram and Meitei’. Apart from my research work, my current research interests include: Articulatory phonetics, Acoustic phonetics, sociophonetics , Historical Linguistics and Endangered Studies, among others.

I am pursuing my Ph.D under the supervision of Dr. Indranil Dutta titled ‘Sociophonetics of Segmental Convergence in Nepali: Evidence from Nepali, Maram and Meitei’.

Administrative Activities:

Deputy warden of Mahlaq Bai Chanda Hostel for women for a period of two years (2010-2012) Academic Coordinator of International Training Programme from July 2014 to present.


M.A: Phonetics of English

B.A (II sem): Segmental features of English

Course2: Using L1 to enable L2 writing: Task design and development of scoring Criteria

B.A (V sem): Suprasegmental features of English

ITP : Pronunciation

Research Interests

My research area of interests includes : Articulatory Phonetics, Acoustic Phonetics, Socio-phonetics, Historical Linguistics etc


The Impact of Written Corrective Feedback in Enhancing ESL Writing Performance.A Special Issue on ‘English Language Teaching at Undergraduate Level in India: Toward the Elimination of the Inability to Speak and Write Effectively: A Research Perspective. International Journal of English Language, Literature and Translation Studies.Vol.1.S1. 2014. ISSN: 2349-9451

Conferences, seminars, lectures, invited talks

Participated in a UGC sponsored National Level Conference on Use of Communication Technology to Aid Differently Abled Persons: A multidisciplinary approach, Nov 20th, 2009, Organized by Dept. Of Physics, Electronics and Computer Science, St. Ann’s College for Women, Mehidipatnam, Hyderabad.

Attended a two day conference on Syntax organized by School of Language Sciences, 2011, EFL University.

Attended Orientation Programme organized by Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla from 18th June- 14th July, 2012. Attended Winter School Programme at Maula Azad National Urdu University from Nov 12th to 3rd Dec,2014.


Attended a workshop on Tone and Intonation held by the School of Language Sciences, EFL University: Feb 21&22, 2013.

Participated in a ‘Two- day workshop titled ‘Forensic Speech Science: Theory and Practice’ organized by the Department of Phonetics and Spoken English on 8th and 9th January, 2014.

Assistant Professor Dr. Didla Grace Suneetha

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