Programmes Hindi
Hindi: on campus mode
Areas of Study
  • • Hindi Literature


Total course credit– 80. 75 core credits from Hindi Literature and 5 credits from optional courses from the same course.

Areas of Study
  • • Hindi Literature

Areas of research
  • • Hindi Language and Literature. (Medieval and Modern Period) (All genres)
  • • Comparative studies of Hindi and other Indian Languages
  • • Comparative studies of cultures reflected in Modern Indian Languages.Comparative studies of translations of Hindi and other Indian Language-literatures.
  • • Sociology of literatures of Hindi and Modern Indian Languages.
  • • Comparative studies of Hindi and Sanskrit Texts. (Aesthetic, etc).
  • •Hindi & Sanskrit Literature, comparative studies.
  • • Indian Poetics / Aesthetics and other theories.
  • • Literary Criticism in Hindi.
  • • Languages & Literatures of marginalized social groups of India. Dalit, Adivasi and other tribal literature.
  • • Historical and cultural perspectives on Indian literature.
  • • Subjects related to India studies.
  • • Language applications in media, cinema, management etc.
  • • Cinema, society, culture and literature: inter-relations.
  • • Cinema language (Hindi & other Indian languages).

During the first two semesters there will be both taught and reading courses all of which are compulsory and need to be passed separately before students can proceed with their research.