The Vice Chancellor

Professor E. Suresh Kumar has twenty seven years of teaching experience that include twenty years as an administrator in Osmania University, Hyderabad. He has published thirty books, twenty one research articles and has guided eighteen PhD scholars in the field of English Language Education.

Professor Kumar served as the Registrar of Osmania University for two years (2014-16) besides holding numerous academic and administrative positions. He was Professor of English, Director of District PG Colleges, Director of Regional Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies, Dean of College Development Council, Head of the Department of English, Director of the English Language Training Centre, Director of the Centre for English Language Training, Students Advisor, NSS Programme Coordinator (University Level), NSS Training Coordinator (University Level), Director of the Canadian Studies Centre, etc. He served on the governing body of different universities as the Governor’s nominee.

Professor Kumar visited the following countries and the universities there in: the USA, the UK, the UAE, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambridge University, Oxford University, University of Warwick, Stony Brooke University, University of Southern California, Thames Valley University, etc.

Professor Kumar is an acclaimed international English Language Specialist and Soft Skills Trainer. Besides successfully conducting numerous workshops in India, he also trained the employees of different companies such as MyPec, Kuala Lumpur; MyPec, Bangkok; La Champa, Vientiane in communication and soft skills.

Prof. Kumar has the following educational qualifications: M.A., M.A. Litt., M.Sc. Psychology, and PhD in English.

He assumed charge as the Vice Chancellor of the EFL University on 23.06.2017.