About the Campus
EFL University Lucknow (erstwhile CIEFL Lucknow) Campus was established in the year 1979 in Lucknow to provide training to university/college teachers of English in northern India, but it slowly emerged as a full-fledged Centre offering PG Diploma in the Teaching of English, Bachelors and Masters degrees and research programmes. The campus has been actively engaged in conducting refresher courses for university and college teachers, proficiency courses in English and Foreign Languages for a wide spectrum of learners and contact programmes for the participants of Postgraduate Certificate course in the Teaching of English. At present the Lucknow Campus successfully runs B.A., M.A., PGDTE, M.Phil. and Ph.D. courses along with Proficiency, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses in four Foreign Languages namely French, German, Spanish and Russian.
The presence of the EFL University campus in the city of Lucknow is significant. Liberalization of the Indian Economy has opened new vistas for jobs all over the world for the Indian youth. India has made great progress mainly due to proficiency of its people in the English Language. But it is a grim reality that still a huge population of young generation in the State of Uttar Pradesh as well as major parts of North India needs to be trained and made proficient in order to let the benefits of globalization and the booming service sector reach the grass root level. The main lacuna in this is the lack of trained teachers of English.
The EFL University Lucknow Campus has been helping to cope with this lacuna by training teachers of English who need to learn the new techniques of faster, efficient and state-of-the–art methods of teaching English. Institutions such as FDDI (Footware Design and Development Institute) Rae Bareli have approached EFLU Lucknow for providing training to its students in communication skills. The EFL University Lucknow Campus has conducted several special teacher training courses for teachers of Central Schools, Navodaya Vidyalayas and the NTPC schools. The Campus has also organized workshops on Teaching Grammar in the Upper Primary Classroom in collaboration with the British Council. The European Union and British Council in collaboration propose to launch a project for Vocational Training at Sitapur. The EFLU Lucknow has also received request from many other universities and colleges to train its students in communication skills for better placement. We also plan to send our teachers to conduct short term training programmes in smaller towns and villages to train the Primary teachers. The Lucknow campus has also plans to conduct workshops and train teachers in the region.