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Integrative Humanities
2) Project Brief

Using Max Weber’s concept “Disenchantment of the World” (Entzauberung der Welt) as a point of departure, the multidisciplinary project entitled “Was the World Ever ‘Enchanted’?: A Meta-Inquiry into the Ontology of Religious Ideas” endeavours to break new ground in understanding the implicit ontology of religious ideas and associated conceptualizations of the world, with primary focus on Judeo-Christianity and its Ancient Near Eastern and Greek precursors but extensible to or contrastable with Indian religions, in a novel framework centered on a non-reductive singularity paradigm of religion. As a meta-inquiry that takes up foundational questions on religion, this exercise can contribute to rewriting the history of religion and alter our understanding of occidental intellectual trajectory and of conflicts as well as convergences between Eastern and Western worldviews. The project’s conceptual and methodological innovations have the potential to trigger fundamental reassessments and open new lines of research in disciplines across the humanities, including philosophy, hermeneutics, religious studies, and literary studies.

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