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140-Hour B2 Level Proficiency Course in German (4 February - 26 April 2019). EFL University

M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication - Supplementary/Grade Improvement Exam EFL University

M.A. Computational Linguistics - Supplementary/Grade Improvement Exam EFL University

Notice - M.A. Supplementary/Grade Improvement Exam EFL University

Announcement of results of the Entrance Test of Advanced Diploma in German for the Semester January - April 2019. EFL University

Viva Voce Examination of Ph.D in English Language Education EFL University

Call for papers : International Journal of Arab and Asian Studies EFL University

Distance Education - Application for Admission in to PGCTE (2019-20) EFL University

Grade Improvement/Supplementary Examinations EFL University

Call for Articles for Online Journal EFL University

Fee Payment for the Semester January - April 2019 EFL University

Registration of Courses of PG Programmes, PGDTE and PGDTA of Semester January to April 2019 EFL University

Advanced Diploma in German EFL University

M.A. Computational Liguistics Time Table and Courses EFL University



M.A. Cafeteria II & IV Semester Course Descriptions & Timetables Jan-April -19 EFL University

PGDTE Course Descriptions & Timetable Jan-April -19 EFL University

M.A. ELT Second and Fourth Semesters Timetables and Short Course Decsriptions 2018-19 EFL University

Advanced Diploma in German from January to April 2018 EFL University

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Research Fellowship” (BANRF) Fellowship Program - 2018EFL University

Examinations Schedule - Notice EFL University

Application for Non Net Fellowship Notice and Bond for 2018-19 (New Batch) EFL University

"Global Southern Epistemologies", Writing Workshop Organised by Dept. of Comparative Literature in Collaboration with University of Birmingham and British Academy, from 12th to 14th December, 2018. Call for Applications. EFL University

UNESCO Awards/Prizes/Fellowships to recognize and appreciate the activities of individuals and organizations, which are working to promote the ideals and objectives of UNESCOEFL University

Payment of Semester Fees UG, PG and Ph.DEFL University

MA Linguistics Specialised Time Table and List of Courses EFL University

MA Computational Linguistics Time Table and List of courses EFL University

MA ELT First and Third Semesters Timetables and Course Descriptions EFL University

Academic Calendar 2018-19 (Hyderabad and Lucknow Campuses) EFL University

Orientation Programme - 2018 EFL University

PGDTE Course Description & TimetableEFL University

M.A English (Cafeteria) Semester- I / III Course Descriptions and TimetablesEFL University

Notice for Merit-cum-Means Fellowship EFL University

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India Today: All India Ranking of Government Universities - 2018India Today: All India Ranking of Government Universities - 2018

Attendance sheetEFL University

Notice for Non- NET 2018EFL University

Application form for Contingency Grant 2018-19 EFL University

CONTINGENCY GRANT FOR THE PERIOD 01-08-2018 TO 31-01-2019 EFL University