Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies

Establishment of the Department

Spanish was introduced as a foreign language at the University in 2001 (?). Italian was introduced in ? The Department was set up in 2015 and became part of the School of European Languages.

Responsibilities of the Department

• Conducts language and culture oriented courses leading to Post- graduate and Under-graduate degrees and Part-time Certificates

• Promotes study in the spheres of language, literature, culture of the Hispanic and Italian worlds.

• Organizes seminars, workshops, conferences, extension lecture and colloquiums.

• Prepares young professionals in the field of language for academics and industry

• Develops teaching-learning materials in print and electronic media

Programmes conducted by the Department

Full time

• M.A. Spanish

• M.A. Spanish (Distance Mode) ( 2011-14)

• B.A. – Spanish (Three Years)

Part time


• Certificate of Proficiency
• Diploma
• Advanced Diploma


• Certificate of Proficiency
• Diploma
• Advanced Diploma