Cell for the Disabled

The Cell for the Disabled provides facilities to students with disabilities to ensure a comfortable and fulfilling stay on the university campus. 70 students are currently supported by state-of-the-art technological devices like KURZWEIL scanning and screen reading software, SARA scanning machines, ANGEL recording and reading devices, ZOOM-x, MAGIC MAGNIFICATION, JAWS 13.0 software, and an assortment of BRAILLE printers and typewriters. The Cell has made pioneering efforts to use the latest technology in order to help disabled students overcome all limitations. The Cell uses software such as Jaws screen-reading software and Kurzweil scanning software for use by blind students; Magic Magnifying Software for low vision students; and Duxbury Braille Software which converts texts to Braille. Equipments regularly used by the Cell for the benefit of the disabled students of the University include Zoom-X Scanners, which can scan a whole book in about 30 minutes; SARA Stand-alone Reading Machines, which can read the book out as well as scan it; Tatra Point Braille Typewriters; Large Print Keyboards for use by low vision students; and Braille printers. In addition, the University provides laptops to research scholars; Net Books; Angel Digital Pocket Talking machines for use by students to record and listen to classes; Transcend mp3 players; wheelchairs (tri-wheelers); and white canes.