School of English Language Education

Workshop on digital research skills. School of English Language Education. 20 July 2015

With the creation of the University in August 2007, the School of ELE was formed under the deanship of Prof G Rajagopal. The school has four departments:

English as Second Language Studies

Materials Development, Testing and Evaluation

Training and Development


Prof S Mohanraj who succeeded Prof Paul Gunasekhar, is the third and current dean of the School of ELE. All the programmes offered by the School are integrated in nature and no course is offered exclusively by any single department. This is a special feature of this School. The largest school in the University with 37 members of the faculty, SELE offers the following programmes: the postgraduate programme, M A TESL; the postgraduate diploma programme, PGDTE and research in ELE. Besides teaching on these courses, the faculty of the School also offer help in teaching on the BA programme, the International Training Programme, many courses cross-listed by other programmes offered by other schools, and many of the in-service teacher education programmes and language proficiency development programmes. More than a hundred research scholars pursue research in fields as varied as Second Language Acquisition; Language Learning/Teaching Difficulties; Materials for Language Teaching; New Teacher Training Strategies; Curriculum Development; Digital literacy; Corpus-based Studies; Translanguaging; Cross-cultural studies; Using ICT for Language Teaching; to name a few. The research scholars in the School have got together to form a Research Scholars Forum and they conduct seminars, academic get togethers and other activities. The Forum has established a healthy contact with the present students as well as the old students. The School proposes to bring out its publications on a regular basis and plans are afoot to bring out the first volume before the end of the current academic year.