Department of ESL (English as a Second Language) Studies

Establishment of the Department

• Earliest (1959) of all Departments, following the establishment of the Central Institute of English (CIE) in 1958.

• Then called the Department of Methods

• First Head of the Department was Prof R N Ghosh

Responsibilities of the Department

• designed the flagship course, “Teaching of Methods” which became widespread among various Universities and Institutions after 1977

• has played a major role in developing Language Pedagogy in India

• has promoted teaching and research in ELT Training and Research, Second Language Pedagogy, and Second Language Studies, to mention a few

Programmes/ Courses offered by the Department

Courses taught in the following programmes:

BA Hons, MA, BEd, PGCTE, PGDTE, PhD, ITP, and Short-term teacher training programmes