Cultural Studies

Sl.No Title Author Course Year Acc. No.
1. Mapping the Feminist Subject: A Reading of the Women’s Movement (s) in Andhra Pradesh Kollu, Sravanthi M.Phil 2009 1156/RD
2. Gandhi and the Question of Caste: A Study of Select Telugu and English Fiction and Cinema Margaret, M. Swathy Ph.D 2010 1255/RD
3. Mahanayak Uttam Kumar: Emergence of the Male Star and the Discourses on Genre, Gender and Identity in the 50s and 60s Bengali Cinema Das,Asmita M.Phil 2011 1326/RD
4. The Drama of Democracy: The Public Sphere and Political Theatre in Contemporary Kerala Vipin, K.K. M.Phil 2010 1227/RD
5. Developing the Dalit Christian: Identity, Discourse and the State De, Ria M.Phil 2010 1266/RD
6. A Study of Dalit Caste Panchayats In Andhra Pradesh Sekhar, C. Chandra M.Phil 2010 1206/RD
7. Yogic Science, Governmentality and Nationalism: A Study of the Swami Ramdev Phenomenon Gupta, Bhuvi M.Phil 2011 1342/RD
8. Viewership and Production of the Spectacle: Social Status and Power in the Context of the Bride Procession in Pondicherry Chowkhani, Ketaki M.Phil 2011 1353/RD
9. Monumentalizing History: Statues, Counter-Memory and the Politics of Representation Sakhinala, Santhosh Kumar M.Phil 2011 1361/RD
10. History and Politics of Dalit Human Rights in Andhra Pradesh Sampangi, Shanker M.Phil 2011 1432/RD
11. Caste, Identity and Community : A Critical Reading of Dalit Autobiographies Hiraman, Jondhale, Rahul M.Phil 2012 1443/RD
12. The Adivasi Movements and the Question of Autonomy: The Muthanga Land Struggle in Kerala Narayanan, M.S. M.Phil 2012 1579/RD
13. Practice of Self: Performativity and Identity in Naga Culture Lorin, Hewasa Ph.D 2013 1641/RD
14. A Worldly Home: Cosmopolitanism and the Question of Identity, Malabar, 1947- 1977 Shafeeq K., Mohamed Ph.D 2014 1681/RD
15. An Analysis of the Historiography of Partition of India Karmakar, Sayanti Ph.D 2014 1684/RD
16. Dance and ‘Gender Performativity’ Mohiniyattam and the Making of Malayalee Femininity Kavya Krishna K. R. Ph.D 2014 1703/RD
17. Redefining Personhood: Cultural Transformation and Identity in Mizo Society Lalhmangaihzuali, Annie Ph.D 2015 1748/RD
18. Not at Home in the Nation: Naga Identity and Everyday Life in the Contemporary Indian City Assumi, Elika Ph.D 2015 1808/RD
19. Honour Killings: Critical Explorations in Literary and Cultural Representations Kumar, Umesh Ph.D 2015 1831/Rd
20. Modernity of Telugu: Language Politics and National Identity Reddy, N. Manohar Ph.D 2015 1847/RD