Translation Studies

Sl.No. Title Author Course Year Acc. No.
1. Translation of Scientific Terms from English into Telugu: A Case Study of Translation and Coining of New Terms in Telugu Medium High School Science Text Books Padya, Ravinder M.Phil 2011 1384/RD
2. Examining the Discourse of Inter-Semiotic Translation: A Comparative Narratology of Selected Episodes of Malgudi Days with their source Texts Dasari, Twinkle M.Phil 2011 1488/RD
3. A Study of Localization of Advertisements as a Strategy of Communication in General and as an Expansion of Translation in Particular Uppu Jyothirmai M.Phil 2013 1568/RD
4. Translating Pop Music for the Bhadralok: Creating Newer Distinctions Tah, Abhishek M.Phil 2013 1574/RD
5. Documenting and Translating Lambada Folk Songs: Problems in Transference and Translation Shankar, Banothu M.Phil 2013 1572/RD
6. Problems of Translating Dalit Texts into English: A Case Study of Telugu Novel Antaranivasantham Dundi, Ashok Kumar M.Phil 2013 1610/RD
7. The Role of Translation in the Formation of Nepali Literary Culture Manger, Sudesh M.Phil 2012 1600/RD
8. A Study of the English Translations of Phule”s Satsar and Sarvajanik Satyadharma: An Exercise in Translation Evaluation Pralhad, Gawai Sandip M.Phil 2013 1659/RD
9. Translating Feminism into Telugu: A Socio-Historical Study of Agents Eligedi, Rajkumar Ph.D 2015 1747/RD
10. Shakespeare in Telugu: A Study of Translations and Rewritings Yadav, Mattaiah P Ph.D 2015 1833/RD
11. An Annotated Translation of Kalarekhalu – A Historical Novel by Ampasayya Naveen Chakravarthy, I. Pavan PH.D 2016 1852/RD
12. Translation of German Proverbs into Telugu: Issues in Translation Kumar, D. Vinai Ph.D 2015 1826/RD
13. Translating and Documenting Oral Traditions: A Case Study of Bodo Oral Traditions Boro, Sanziou Ph.D 2015 1844/RD