Sl.No Title Author Course Year Acc. No.
1. Stylistic Studies in Indo-Anglian Poetry Ramakrishnan, R. P.G.R.D. 1971 32/RD
2. A Stylistic Study of Raja Rao’s: The Serpent And The Rope Prakash, Ravendra P.G.R.D. 1973 41/RD
3. The Stylistic Development of Mulk Raj Anand Chaswal, Balram P.G.R.D. 1973 38/RD
4. A Stylistic Study of Nectar In a Sieve, by Kamala Markandaya Wali, S.K. P.G.R.D. 1974 46/RD
5. The Theme of Untouchability in Four Indian Novels Krishnamurthy Rao, V. M.Litt. 1976 57/RD
6. Cohesive Devices in Expository Prose Discourse in English and Marathi: A Contrastive Study Kalamkar, Y. S. M.Litt. 1978 87/RD
7. Crushed Under The Burden: Conrad's Image Of The Colonizer Sabbarwal, Ashok M.Litt. 1978 102/RD
8. Towards Formulating Objectives for the Teaching And Testing of English Literature at The Undergraduate Level Gulati, Jatinder, K. M.Litt. 1978 99/RD
9. V.S. Naipaul and India Chintamani, Sudha M.Litt. 1978 109/RD
10. The Sense of Performance In The Post-Artaud Theatre Tharu, Susie, J. Ph.D 1978 111/Rd
11. The Role of Indian Sensibility in the Teaching of English Literature Subbaiah, V. Venkata M.Litt. 1979 114/RD
12. A Study of "Realism" In The Novels of Selected African And Indian Writers: Achebe And Ngugi, Anand And Markandaya Rao, Meera M.Litt. 1980 119/RD, 120/RD
13. Anita Desai: A Lyrical Novelist Nayar, Manini M.Litt. 1980 136/RD
14. Image of India in The Fiction of Ruth Parwer Jhabvala and R.K. Narayan Bhan, Pankaj M.Litt. 1980 141/RD
15. Myth as History- An Objective Analysis of Nirad C. Chaudhuri’s The Continent of Circe Subhani, Sameena M.Litt. 1980 134/RD
16. The Existential Alienation of Leopold Bloom And Stephen Dedalus in James Joyce’s Ulysis Chari, Hemalata M.Litt. 1980 135/RD
17. The Marxist Theory of Fiction Kannabiran, Vasantha M.Litt. 1980 161/RD
18. Time and the Self in Beckett Ramakrishna, Lalita M.Litt. 1980 125/RD
19. Language and Fabulation in William Golding' s Longer Fiction Wali, S. K. Ph.D 1980 190/RD, 214/RD
20. The Image of the Emerging Individual in West African Fiction Maria, Jessy M.Litt. 1981 183/RD
21. The Teaching of English Literature at Osmania University Bachelor’s Degree Level Muire, Pauline Mary M.Litt. 1981 168/RD 379/RD
22. The Poetry of Coventry Patmore and Francis Thompson: A Study in Mysticism Dhar, A. N. M.Litt. 1981 153/RD
23. Towards the Specification and Development of Literary Skills: A Methodological Approach Chakrabarti, Shyamasree M.Litt. 1981 166/RD
24. Negative Utopian Fiction: Commitment and Fabulation With Special Reference to Aldous Huxley and George Orwell Vohra, S.K. Ph.D 1981 222 R/D


25. A Stylistic Analysis Of The Poems of Jayanta Mahapatra Panigrahi, P.K. M.Litt. 1982 191/RD
26. A Stylistic Analysis of The Poetry of Kamala Das Rajendran, A.V. M.Litt. 1982 173/RD
27. Ideology And The Limitations of New Criticism Ramanujam, Ranga M.Litt. 1982 172/RD
28. Modernist Trends in Contemporary Indian Theatre: With Special Reference to Girish Karnad, Mohan Rakesh and Badal Sircar. (In Translation) Jaya Kumari, N. M.Litt. 1982 192/RD
29. Phases in the Development of Realism in the Twentieth Century Drama: A Comparative Study of the Theatre in Bengal and Britain Chukerbutty, Pronoti M.Litt. 1982 204/RD
30. A Stylistic Analysis of a Novel (Desani’s Hatterr) Ram, R.V. M.Litt. 1983 245/RD
31. Elizabeth Jennings - Poet Of Integrity Carmilla, Sr. M. M.Litt. 1983 217/RD
32. Prophets Looking Backwards: A Critique of Histories and Surveys of Indian Writing in English Dash, Rama Chandra M.Litt. 1983 230/RD
33. The Use of Fantasy in Doris Lessing’s Later Fiction Nongrang, Evashisha M.Litt. 1985 289/RD
34. In Black and White: A Study of Racism in Selected Plays From Africa and Europe Elango, K. M.Litt. 1985 274/RD
35. Raja Rao’s Kanthapura: A Stylistic Study Sundara Raj, K. M.Litt. 1985 300/RD
36. The Intentional Fallacy: An Annoted Bibliography Sarma, V.S. M.Litt. 1985 273/RD
37. A Critique of Vivekananda’s Notion of Human Progress Srivastava, Mukesh M.Litt. 1986 316/RD
38. A Stylistic Analysis of The Plays of Wole Soyinka Banu, Afeefa M.Litt. 1986 331/RD
39. Marxist Critiques of Modernism: A Reconsideration Ramanujam, Ranga Ph.D 1986 354/RD
40. A Comparative Study of The Treatment of Untouchability in Two Tamil Novels and Two Indo-English Novels Murugesan, M. M.Litt. 1987 339/RD
41. A Stylistic Approach to T.S. Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral N.V., Rajeendran M.Litt. 1987 359/RD
42. Conrad’s Lord Jim and Imperialism Varghese, Jessie M.Litt. 1987 357/RD, 360/RD
43. Lionel Trilling’s Critique of a Liberal Society Pattanayak, Banibandana M.Litt. 1987 341/RD
44. Revisionism in Bloom's Theory of Reading Poetry Samson, T. M.Litt. 1987 337/RD
45. The Uses of History: A Study of Cyclops Pereira, Rose M.Litt. 1987 352/RD
46. Leavis’s Concept of the Cultivated Minority: A Study of Its Nature and Historical Roots Dash, Rama Chandra Ph.D 1987 366/RD
47. A Stylistic Study of A.K. Ramanujan’s Poetry Bhat, T.G. M.Litt. 1988 373/RD
48. The Concept of Organic Community as Criterion in F.R.Leavis’s Criticism Sridhar, M. M.Litt. 1988 364/RD
49. Hopkins and the Concept of Organic Form C P, Margarte, S.R. M.Litt. 1988 363/RD
50. The Role of the Cultural Criterion in the Simplification of Literary Texts Bhan, Pankaj M.Litt. 1988 387/RD, 388/RD, 389/RD
51. Anita Desia and The Female Bildungsroman Muraleedharan, T M.Litt. 1989 412/RD
52. Edmund Wilson’s Critique of American Culture in the Twenties and Thirties Bernabas, Simon, G. M.Litt. 1989 425/RD
53. Herbert Read and The Question of Art and Industry Harindranath, R. M.Litt. 1989 409/ RD
54. Paul de Man and J. Hillis Miller: The Deconstructive Impasse Wani, Aarti M.Litt. 1989 419/RD
55. A New Critical Contradiction: the Antiscientific Temple of Literary Positivism Premalatha, T.K. M.Litt. 1990 444/RD
56. Behramji M. Malabari: His Contribution to Indian Writing in English Kennedy, P John Joseph M.Litt. 1990 432/RD
57. Dreamers and their Dreams: Women’s Utopias of the Early Twentieth Century: Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hossein’s Sultana’s Dream and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Herland Devasia, Anitha M.Litt. 1990 449/RD
58. Literature and the Colonizer: Meadows Taylor’s Tippoo Sultaun; A Tale of the Mysore War as a Historical Novel Patnaik, Deepa M.Litt. 1990 455/RD
59. Power and Autonomy in Pride and Prejudice : A Study in Discourse Analysis Vijayasri, N. M.Litt. 1990 458/RD
60. Rousseau’s Discourse on Inequality and the Question of Enlightenment: A Critique of the Reading of Rousseau by Derrida and de Man Dash, Santosh Kumar M.Litt. 1990 457/RD
61. The Right Path of a Virtuous and Noble Education: Rousseau’s Emile Agnihotri, Pratima M.Litt. 1990 447/RD
62. Uses of the Scatological: A Study of Ulysses Vijayanadhan, C. G. M.Litt. 1990 430/RD
63. Popular Consciousness and the Modern Spy Novel: The Fictional Worlds of John Le Carre and Eric Ambler Thomas, Stephen John M.Litt. 1991 465/RD
64. An Anatomy of Hermeneutic Scholarship Varghese, Jessie Ph.D 1991 479/RD, 494/RD
65. Conservative or Radical? Jane Austen and the Feminist Consciousness in the Late Eighteenth Century Vanamala, Vijaya M.Litt. 1992 486/RD
66. Ulysses: The Film of the Future (A Study of Joyce and Eisenstein) Ramanathan, Indumati M.Litt. 1992 507/RD
67. Narration of the Past in Fiction: Illustrations from the Novels of Anne Tyler Padmavathamma, P. M.Phil 1992 505/RD
68. The Poetry of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and Sri Aurobindo: A Study in Mysticism Murugesan, M. Ph.D 1992 531/RD
69. Arabian Mirrors and Western Soothsayers: Nineteenth-Century Literary Approaches to Arab-Islamic History with Specific Reference to Carlyle, Newman and Irving Al-Da Mi, Muhammed A. Ph.D 1992 496/RD
70. Post-Structuralist Readings of Ulysses: A Critique Quader, Farzana M.Litt. 1993 503/RD
71. A Stylistic Analysis of Wole Soyinka’s Idanre and Other poems Shashidhar, D.R. M.Phil 1993 535/RD
72. Derek Walcott’s Consciousness in Collected Poems: 1948-1984 Antonia, B. M.Phil 1993 520/RD
73. Rewriting Imperial History and Recasting White Identities: India in Modern British Cinema and Fiction Muraleedharan, T. Ph.D 1993 543/RD
74. The Story of India: A Critique of the Humanist Endeavour of Narrative in E.M. Forster’s a Passage to India, Jawaharlal Nehru’s the Discovery of India and Salman Rushdie’s Midnights Children Srivastava, Mukesh Ph.D 1993 542/RD
75. Lyricism in Ancient Religious Traditions, Eastern and Western, with Reference to The Old Testament, The Book of the Dead and The RG Veda Acharyya, Prasanta M.Phil 1994 547/RD
76. Representaion of Generations in the Family Saga Kulkarni, Balaji Krishnaji M.Phil 1994 551/RD
77. Saussure and After: An Indian Critique Sharma, Pradeep M.Phil 1994 539/RD
78. The Role of Animal Characters in the Novels of Paul Gallico Rao, Anuradha, A. M.Phil 1994 555/RD
79. The Absurd Drama: A Stylistic Study With Reference to the Plays of Samuel Beckett Banu, Afeefa Ph.D 1994 561/RD
80. Towards a Theory of Comparative Narratology: A Post-Structuralist Reading of Fictional Works in Tamil and English Nagarajan, N. Ph.D 1994 572/RD
81. Artaud, Schechner and a Production Design for " The Spurt of Blood " Elisaus, P. M.Phil 1995 566/RD, 576/RD
82. Form and Signification in the Novels of J.M. Coetzee Ajit Singh, Santosh M.Phil 1995 571/RD
83. Principles of Narration in George Lamming’s in the Castle of My Skin Jayasrinivasa Rao, S. M.Phil 1995 569/RD
84. The Methodology and Movement of V. S. Naipaul’s India Trilogy Mahendra, Alankrita M.Phil 1995 570/RD
85. The Discourse of Wonder: A Study of J.R.R. Tolkien' s the Lord of the Rings Jeyan, N.Subash Ph.D 1995 575/RD
86. Liberal Politics and the Individual: The Critique in American and British Feminist Utopian Fiction of the 1970’s Namratha, N. Ph.D 1995 597/RD, 580/RD
87. The Emergence and Development of the Detective Hero: A Survey of Detective Fiction Savithri, S. Ph.D 1996 595/RD
88. The Novels of Amitav Ghose Nibhanapudis M.Phil 1997 608/RD
89. Imagined Culture: An Analysis of K.Vishwanath’s Shankarabharanam and Swathikiranam Reddy, Shashi Vadana M.Phil 1997 654/RD
90. The Grotesque in the Selected Short Fiction of Edgar Allan Poe and Flannery O’Connor: A Comparative Study Bhagavathi, Padmashree M.Phil 1997 615 RD
91. The Politics of the " Liberalism" in the Discourse of "Culture" in Contemporary American Academic World Mohan, Krishna M.Phil 1997 613/RD
92. The Role of Education in Matthew Arnold's Concept of Culture With Special Reference to State Intervention Ganapathiappan, V. M.Phil 1997 625/RD
93. Irrationality in the Novels of Ann Radcliffe and Charlotte Bronte Mendonca, Brian Mark Ph.D 1997 621/Rd
94. History and Children’s Literature: A Reading of the Works of Laura Ingalls Wilder Kurian, Anna Ph.D 1997 623/RD
95. Realism of the "Affluent" Working Class: Sillitoe and Storey Srinivas, Meera Ph.D 1997 660/RD
96. The Construction of African in Popular British Boys’ Fiction of the Period 1874-1920 Achar, Deeptha Ph.D 1997 627/RD
97. Allotropes of Hero in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Chronicle of the Middle-Earth Sahasrabudhe, Ira M.Phil 1998 640/RD
98. Fiction into Film: The Name of the Rose and the Remains of the Day Rajesh Reddy, G. M.Phil 1998 665/RD
99. Indian Review of Books and Recent Literary Journalism in India Mohan, Keerthana Jagan M.Phil 1998 657/RD
100. Memory in Toni Morrison’s Beloved Hanumankar, Saraswathy R. M.Phil 1998 647/RD
101. The Family in Question: A Reading of "Breast-Giver" and the Thousand Faces of Night Sinha, Madhumeeta M.Phil 1998 658/RD
102. The Later Novels of William Golding Pal, Aniruddha M.Phil 1998 649/RD
103. The Nation's Children: Images of the Child in Post-independence India Sreenivasa Prasad, Mullapudi M.Phil 1998 667/RD
104. The Politics of the Private: Women in Attia Hosain's Sunlight on a Broken Column and Mumtaz Shah Nawaz's the Heart Divided Rasheed, Asma M.Phil 1998 639/RD
105. The Teaching of Shakespeare and the Politics of Failure Manohar Reddy, N. M.Phil 1998 643/RD
106. Translation as Reading: A Case Study of Modern Telugu Short Story Srikanth Reddy, K. M.Phil 1998 638/RD
107. Frazer, Jung, Frye, and the Myth Criticism of Ulysses: A Critique Ramanathan, Indumati Ph.D 1998 682/RD
108. The Later Novels of Kurt Vonnegut: Persistence of Postmodernist Artifice Brinda, Anupamdeep Ph.D 1998 662/RD
109. The Language of Men and Women in D.H.Lawrence's Sons and Lovers: a Critical Linguistic Analysis Porwal, Nidhi M.Phil 2002-3 846/RD
110. Re-Reading Vaidehi's Fiction: Some notes Towards a Feminist Translation Sukanya, K.C. M.Phil 1999 679/RD
111. The Gift of Postponed Abandon: The Modernism of Djona Barnes Nightwood. Konda, Jane Mridula M.Phil 1999 687/RD
112. A Stylistic Analysis of Tennessee William’s Plays Anuradha, Joy Ph.D 1999 702/RD
113. A Translation of O. Chandumenon's Indulekha (1889) with a Critical Introduction Devasia, Anitha Ph.D 1999 751/RD
114. The Imaginary and Symbolic Orders: A Lacanian Study of Thomas Hardy’s The Well-Beloved Varghese, John Ph.D 1999 708/RD
115. The Quest for the Self in the Novels of Raja Rao and Arun Joshi Sethuram, Prita,G. Ph.D 1999 701/RD
116. The Use of the Apocalypse in the Novels of Philip K. Dick Rao Anuradha, A. Ph.D 1999 712/RD
117. Winner Take Nothing: Subversive Power Relationship in Poe’s Short Stories Basu, Bristi Ph.D 1999 713/RD
118. Reading Spirituality in Fiction: The Theme of Self-Actualization in Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha and O.V. Vijayan’s the Infinity of Grace Zacharias, Sabina M.Phil 2000 715/RD
119. History as Narrative: A Study of Masti Venkatesa Iyengar’s Chikaveerarajendra and Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children Raghavan, N. S. M.Phil 2000 716/RD
120. Repetition in Gertrude Stein's Melanctha Menon, Preetha M.Phil 2000 723/RD
121. Stylistics and the Teaching of Poetry with Special Reference to Selected Poems of Robert Frost Subhodaya, M. M.Phil 2000 705/RD, 720/RD
122. Amar Chitra Katha: History, Masculanity and the Consolidation of the Indian Middle Class 1969-1991 Sreenivas, Deepa Ph.D 2000 746/RD
123. Domesticity, Conjugality and Privacy in the Wake of Feminism: Readings in Contemporary Fiction and Cinema K., Jayasree Ph.D 2000 728/RD
124. Historical Narratives and Imagined Regions: A Study of Territorial Design in Indian Nationalism Poduval, Satish Ph.D 2000 749/RD
125. Poststructuralism and Indian Theories of Meaning Sharma, Pradeep Ph.D 2000 748/RD
126. Language of the Working Class in the Plays of D.H. Lawrence Fayez, Mohammad S. M.Phil 2001 742/RD
127. Translation and Transformation: The Early Days of the Novel in Kannada Jayasrinivasa Rao, S. Ph.D 2001 796/RD
128. Lalithambika Antharjanam’s Agnisakshi: Reading Between the Novel, the Translation and the Film Bindu, K. M.Phil 2002 765/RD
129. The Aurobindonian and the Post-Aurobindonian Traditions in Indian English Poetry: A Contrastive Study of Some Representative Poets Mishra, Radhakanta M.Phil 2002 768/RD
130. Understanding Popular Culture: The Case of the Mandahechulu Ramakanth Reddy, Kotha M.Phil 2002 779/RD
131. In the Interstices of India: Islam and the Processes of Nation-formation Ansari, M .T. Ph.D 2002 794/RD
132. Reading Laughter: The Popular Malayalam "Comedy-Films" of the Late 80s and Early 90s Rowena, Jenny P. Ph.D 2002 801/RD
133. A Critique of R.K. Narayan Criticism Raja, M. Senthil M.Phil 2003 70444, 822/RD
134. A Dalit Background for Reading Karukku Rani, D. M.Phil 2003 780/RD
135. A Reading of Kenneth Branagh’ s Cinematic Adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing Puri, Neenu M.Phil 2003 777/RD
136. Autobiographical Detection: A Study of James Ellory's My Dark Places: An L.A. Crime Memoir and Kazuo Ishiguro’s When We Were Orphans Tejaswani, K. M.Phil 2003 804/RD
137. Feminism and Selfhood: A study of Manju Kapur's Difficult Daughters and Shahsi Deshpande's the Dark Holds no Terrors Dutta, Chayanika M.Phil 2003 921/RD
138. Fiction Into Film: Ray's Transformation of Tagore’s Nashtanirh Into Charulata Banerji, Sushmita M.Phil 2003 1015/RD, 824/RD
139. INNS as Negative Spaces: A Study of the Works of Emma Tennant and Martin Amis Somaraj, Anej M.Phil 2003 821/Rd
140. Poststructuralist Historiography in Fiction and Non-fiction: A Study of Graham Swift’s Water Land. Basu, Kuheli M.Phil 2003 807/RD
141. Reading the Susanna Moment: Sexuality Debates in Late Twentieth Century Kerala Navaneetha, M. M.Phil 2003 791/RD
142. Representing the Dalit: A Comparative Study of Untouchable and Antarani Vasantham Venkat Rao, Boddu M.Phil 2003 799/RD
143. Text and Reading in Contemporary Western Literary Theory and Dance and Performance in Classical Indian Aesthetics: A Comparative Study Swathi, D. M.Phil 2003 781/RD
144. Time, Memory and History In Ishiguro’s Novels Murty, T.S.S. M.Phil 2003 778/RD
145. Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway and Michael Cunningham’s The Hours: A Study in Intertextuality Ramtulsi, Y. M.Phil 2003 803/RD
146. Fiction and National Identity in America; A Study of Selected Novels of Jerzy Kosinski Hariprasad, A. Ph.D 2003 877/RD
147. Paratext and Interpretation of Fiction Pal, Aniruddha Ph.D 2003 874/RD
148. Aesthetic Problems in Literary Ekphrasis Rath, Pragyan M.Phil 2004 856/RD
149. The Once and Future King and Lost Horizon: A New Historicist Study Krishna, K.B.S. M.Phil 2004 849/RD
150. Identity in Nagaland: Reading The Problem. Temjensola M.Phil 2004 858/RD
151. Nonduality and Narrative Jagadeesh, G. M.Phil 2004 844/RD
152. Reference in Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons Nandini, R.S. M.Phil 2004 855/RD
153. Texts of Time in Literature Chakravorty, Debjani M.Phil 2004 845/Rd
154. The Pastoral in Milton's Minor Poems: A New Historicist Study Bagchi, Asmita M.Phil 2004 859/RD
155. A Linguistic Comparison of Anita Desai's Voices In The City and Kiran Desai's Hullaballo in the Guava Orchard. Chauhan, Shikha M.Phil 2004 842/RD
156. Autobiography as a Resource for Educational Theory: A Dalit Life Story. Murali Krishna, M. M.Phil 2004 828/RD
157. Between Conformity and Rejection of J D Salinger’s Nine Stories Anooja, K .M. M.Phil 2004 861/RD
158. Caste and Power: A Study of Selected Works of Indian Prose and Fiction Raj, Merin Simi M.Phil 2004 923/RD
159. Class and Comedy: A Study of P.G. Wodehouse Anita, S. M.Phil 2004 814/RD
160. David Lodge as a Critic of Fiction Sarmah, Partha Protim M.Phil 2004 832/RD
161. Fiction and History: A Study of Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children Sharma, Ankush Ph.D 2004 925/RD
162. 'Let Him Celebrate Christ in the Grain': Eucharistic Aesthetics in the Pisan Cantos of Ezra Pound Pereppadan, Sophy (Sr) Ph.D 2004 863/RD
163. Psychoanalytic Perspective in Indian Cultural Studies: A Study of Ashis Nandy and Sudhir Kakkar Sarkar, Soma Ph.D 2004 883/RD
164. Contemporary Framings of Secularism Jha, Shefali M.Phil 2005 900/RD
165. A New Historicist Interpretation of Selected Plays of Shakespeare Pandey, Anubha M.Phil 2005 878/RD
166. An Existentialist Reading of Selected Poems of Robert Browning Chakraborty, Manas Ranjan M.Phil 2005 887/RD
167. Articulation of Identity and Selfhood Geetha, G. M.Phil 2005 909/RD
168. C.D.Narasimhaiah's Contribution to English Studies in India. Rajesh, K. M.Phil 2005 886/RD
169. Constructivist Aesthetics and Moralilty: Kollipara, Bharani M.Phil 2005 888/RD
170. Cultural Politics of Conversion: The Predicament of Upper-Caste Christianity Varghese, Liji Annie M.Phil 2005 890/RD
171. Language of Men and Women in D.H. Lawrence's The Rainbow: A Study in Discourse Analysis Rai, Shraddha M.Phil 2005 928/RD
172. Questioning the Renaissance: Women in Bengali Fiction Sengupta, Paromita M.Phil 2005 897/RD
173. Race, Class, Gender: Reading Toni Morrison's Tar Baby and Love Arafat, Afia M.Phil 2005 872/RD
174. The Fictional World of Flora Nwapa With Special Emphasis on the Concept of Motherhood Khalkho, Seema M.Phil 2005 899/RD
175. The Liberal Outsider in the Narratives on Adivasis in Kerala Thomas, Jobin M.Phil 2005 931/RD
176. William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying and Graham Swift's Last Order: An Intertextual Reading Mathew, Nisha Mary M.Phil 2005 896/RD
177. From Modernism Through Exhaustion into Postmodernism: The Fiction of John Barth Balasubramanian, K. Ph.D 2005 934/RD
178. MTV ENJOY!: Capital Rajesh Reddy, G. Ph.D 2005 916/RD
179. Dalit Women Talk Differently: Debates on Modernity and Democracy in Contemporary India Tamalapakula, Sowjanya M.Phil 2006 956/RD
180. Partition Narrative and Gender: Attia Hosain's Sunlight on a Broken Column and Bapsi Sidhwa's Ice-Candy-Man Ara, Arzuman M.Phil 2006 957/RD
181. Writing the Postcolonial Self in J.M. Coetzee's In The Heart Of The Country and Disgrace Kharshing, Aroma M.Phil 2006 954/RD
182. A Study of Texts, Authors and Politics of Introductory Materials to Literary Theory Ashley, N.P. M.Phil 2006 941/RD
185. Beyond the Mundane Order: a Study of Sylvia Plath's The Colossus Khaidem, Kiran M.Phil 2006 969/RD
186. Cloud Atlas : The Postmodernist Mythopoeia of David Mitchell Polanki, Gautam M.Phil 2006 977/RD
187. Contemporary Hollywood Cinem187a: Spectacle, Narrative and Genre Narkar, Nikhil M.Phil 2006 971/RD
188. Cultural Politics of Caste: The Periyar Debates in Tamil Nadu. Parthasarathi, M. M.Phil 2006 932/RD
189. Ideology and Fiction: Orwell's Burmese Days and Anand's Coolie Rynjah, Joshua Shannon M.Phil 2006 975/RD
190. Language of Assertion in Canadian Native Drama Tiwari, Nidhi M.Phil 2006 970/RD
191. Rupturing the Heteronormative: Queer Possibilities in Reading Popular Indian Cinema Satapathy, Samidha M.Phil 2006 936/RD
192. Ruskin Bond's Fiction as Children's Literature Archana M.Phil 2006 976/RD
193. Spectacles of Difference: Early Modern English Drama, Travel and Mercantile Writing Vachharajani, Jihasa B. M.Phil 2006 929/RD
194. The Missing Link: 'Bible women' and their Ministry in Mizoram Lawmpuii, Hannah K. M.Phil 2006 937/RD
195. The Novels of D.H. Lawrence: A Study in Stylistics Tiwari, Navin M.Phil 2006 946/RD
196. The Politics of Plural Democracy: The Political Thought of Gandhi and Ambedkar Michael, James M.Phil 2006 974/RD
197. Textual Coherence in Literary Narratives: An Analysis of Three Novels of the Whodunit Type of Detective Fiction Rama Prasad, B.V Ph.D 2006 983/RD
198. Gender and Nationalism: A Study of Partition Fiction and Cinema Mishra, Gauri Ph.D 2006 981/RD
199. Aural Perspectives: The Dynamics of Oral Tradition in Easterine Iralu's The Windhover Collection and a Naga Village Remembered Ovung, Orenthung M.Phil 2007 1002/RD
200. Caste, Gender and Sexuality in Sara Joseph's Fiction Varghese, Anu M.Phil 2007 987/RD


201. English Education in South Indian Literature of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries Pillai, Gayatri T. M.Phil 2007 988/RD


202. Family Limited: Working Women and the New Popular Culture Biswas, Samata M.Phil 2007 993/RD
203. Localising a Hollywood Genre: The Gangster Films of Ram Gopal Varma Bhatt, Olympia M.Phil 2007 1006/RD
204. Moving Cultures: Narrative and Performative Traditions of the Lambadas Raju Nayak, V. M.Phil 2007 986/RD
205. 'Nation' in the Postcolonial Narrative: Farah's Blood in the Sun Trilogy Pandey, Jhabindra M.Phil 2007 989/RD
206. Neil Simon's Odd Couples: A Reflection Singhal, Urvashi M.Phil 2007 982/RD
207. Retracing the Past: Echoes of Text and Time in Ruth Prawer Jhabvala's Heat and Dust and Ahdaf Soueif's The Map of Love Sancheti, Pooja M.Phil 2007 994/RD
208. The Third Dimension Movement/Writing in Nepali Literature: Interrogating the Dimensions of Nepali Identity Thapa, Tapasya M.Phil 2007 999/RD
209. Translations Between Telugu and English: An Analysis of Some Problems Kocherla, Koteshwar M.Phil 2007 1000/RD
210. Drama and Representation: Performance and The Self in Arun Sharma’s Plays Pathak, Namrata M.Phil 2008 1093/RD
211. Introspection in Retrospect: the fiction of J.M. Coetzee Singh, Santosh Ajit Ph.D 2008 1094/RD
212. Re-Reading Derek Walcott’s Collected Poems, 1948-1984: Representing the Caribbean Phukan, Srimoyee Tamuli M.Phil 2008 1089/RD
213. Changing Structures, Changing Responsibilities – A Re-Reading of Premchand’s Works Tula, Meenal M.Phil 2008 1086/RD
214. Gender, Performance and the Politics of Voice: Telling Stories About Women’s Musical Lives Ghoshal, Ananya M.Phil 2008 1085/RD
215. The Concept of the “Popular”: A Marxist Study of the Debates on Culture and Politics in India Vipin Kumar, C. Ph.D 2008 1098/RD
216. Stereotyping in the Works of Rohinton Mistry, Bapsi Sidhwa, Thrity Umrigar and Meher Pestonji Pavithralal, Maya M.Phil 2008 1110/RD
217. Caste and the Conversion Question: A Dalit Perspective on Colonial Andhra Venkat Rao, B. Ph.D 2009 1097/RD
218. Ruskin Bond: Locating the Anglo-Indian Self Bandyopadhyay, Debashis Ph.D 2008 1100/RD
219. Fiction and Narrative: A Study of Toni Morrison’s the Bluest Eye and Beloved Goswami, Purabi M.Phil 2008 1043/RD
220. Caste, Class and Gender in the Indian English Novel: Mulk Raj Anand’s Untouchable, Arundahti Roy’s The God of Small Things and Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance Gopoji, Indu M.Phil 2008 1052/RD
221. Text and Tradition in Western Hermeneutics and Arab-Islamic Ta’wil: Towards a New Hermeneutics of Peace Tagaddeen, Ibraheem Nagi Ahmed Ph.D 2008 1070/RD
222. Dushtu-Mishti Nach Byapari: Band Music and the Bengali Middle Class 1975-2004 Mitra, Madhuban Ph.D 2006 1050/RD
223. Ruptured Memories: Rethinking the Naga Cultural Pasts Lorin, Hewasa M.Phil 2008 1053/RD
224. Re-Reading Kerala Culture Abhilash, V.V. M.Phil 2008 1054/RD
225. Nation, Literary History and the Lens of Caste: Dalit Reconfigurations of Modernity Satyanarayana, K. Ph.D 2007 1048/RD
226. Reading Cricket the Culture of Popular Sport In India Joe Demsy Christopher M.Phil 2008 1066/RD
227. Decoding Manipur: Reading Contemporary Manipuri texts Devi, Yengkokpam Bibi M.Phil 2008 1065/RD
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229. Towards a New Hermeneutics of Difference in the Era of Globalization Jacob, Jose M.Phil 2008 1058/RD
230. Representation of History and Politics in Selected Texts of Joyce Corol Oates Jamous, Ameen Ahmed Abbas Ph.D 2007 1051/RD
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232. Cultural Thought and Cultural Practice: The Song and Performative World of the Methors Rauth, Amit M.Phil 2009 1123/RD
233. Idols of the Tube: Game Shows and Televisual Cultural Forms in the Informational Episteme Samson, Alice M.Phil 2009 1146/RD
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235. Songs of Tears and the Forces of Voice: A Comparative Study of Gaddar and Gorati Venkanna Kumar, Golla Kiran M.Phil 2009 1128/RD
236. The Holocaust Memoirist and the Weave of Life-Writing Yanthan, Yanbeni M.Phil 2009 1119/RD
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238. Survival of the Family: A Study of Select Novels of Edith Wharton and Anne Tyler M.Bs. Prem Bapu Ph.D 2008 1114/RD
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240. Media Coverage of Dalit Issues: A Case Study of Khairlanji Massacre Chatla, Sareen M.Phil 2008 1143/RD
241. “The Desert of the Real”: A social Appraisal of the Matrix, The Birthday Party and the Room Bhattacharya, Raka M.Phil 2009 1144/RD
242. Ecological Concern in Amitav Ghosh’s. “The Hungry Tide” Das, Pramod Kumar M.Phil 2009 1131/RD
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246. The City as a Nightmare: A Study of Hard Boiled Detective Fiction Krishna, K.B.S. Ph.D 2009 1159/RD
247. Constructing the Mizo: Early Ethnographic Narratives and Mizo Culture Sailo, Lalawmpuii M.Phil 2009 1157/RD
248. Sites of Negotiation Historicizing Religion and Politics in Contemporary Nagaland Assumi, Elika M.Phil 2009 1149/RD
249. Aesthetics and Politics of Performance: Theatre and Social Change in Delhi Arora, Swati M.Phil 2009 1148/RD
250. Writing and the Self: A Study of Doris Lessing’s “ The Golden Notebook and Love, Again” Sadhu, Sanghamitra M.Phil 2009 1147/RD
251. Rereading the Legends of Kerala: The Politics of Legend-Making Sabina Zacharias Ph.D 2010 1179/RD
252. The Ordinary As Inverse History: Everyday Life In James Joyce’s Ulysses George, Jibu Mathew Ph.D 2009 1178/RD
253. ‘Unreal City’: A Comparative Study of narrative and Realism in the Calcutta Trilogies of Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen Banerjee, Koel M.Phil 2009 1172/RD
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255. Freedom And Narrative: Gao Xingjian’s Soul Mountain Vellathole, Smitha Thulasidas M.Phil 2010 1208/RD
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259. The A.R. Rahman Phenomenon: National Identity and Global Cultural Flows in Contemporary India Shafeeq, Mohammed K. M.Phil 2009 1213/RD
260. An Ecocritical Study of Animistic Customs and their Impact on Select Naga Poems Saravanan, N. Depak M.Phil 2010 1218/RD
261. Inheriting the Earth Righfully: Convergence of Ecocritical and Postcolonial Strains With Special Reference to Valkom Muhammad Basheer Sradha Somaraj M.Phil 2010 1214/RD
262. The Making of Global Author: The Case of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and J.K. Rowling Aswathy, P. M.Phil 2010 1222/RD
263. Classic Retakes: Film Adaptations of Canonical Literature Chiring, Kabita M.Phil 2010 1223/RD
264. The Representation of Dalits in the Progressive Literature of Kerala: A Critical Reading of Two Novels S.Reema M.Phil 2010 1224/RD
265. A Critical Analysis of Poisoned Bread: Anthologising “Untouchability’ in the Dalit Short Stories Muralidhar Rao, Cherukupalli M.Phil 2010 1235/RD
266. Autobiography as Political Critique: Explorations into the Relationship Between Ambedkar’s Ideology and Dalit Self-Articulation Chandrashekhar, Varsha M.Phil 2011 1215/RD
267. Under the Nuclear Shadow: A study of Select Novels of Philip Kindred Dick Somaraj, Anej Ph.D 2010 1239/RD
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269. ‘City’ and ‘Coterie’ in Frank O’Hara’s Poetry (1926 – 1966) Abraham Renu, Elizabeth M.Phil 2010 1232/RD
270. Feminist Movement and Women’s Writing in India: An Exploration of Human Relationships in Shashi Deshpande’s Fiction Lalhmangaihzuali Annie M.Phil 2010 1230/RD
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272. Giving a Queer Account of the Self: Personal and Spatial Aspects in the Indian Context Silveira, Andy Stephen M.Phil 2010 1241/RD
273. Disability, Perception, and Representation in the Writings of Ved Mehta Bhat, Aravinda M.Phil 2009 1258/RD

274. Tracing Eco-Consciousness: A Critical Insight into Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyaya’s Aranyak and I. Allan Sealy’s the Everest Hotel: A Calendar Pillai , Sarannya V. M.Phil 2010 1290/RD
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276. The Evolution of Kurt Vonnegut and the Changing Notions of Postmodernism Hussain, S.M. Syed M.Phil 2009 1247/RD
277. Interface of Paradigms: Arab “ English” Education and Contemporary Western Literary Theory Nasr Ali, Yassir Mohammed Ph.D 2010 1253/RD
278. “A Strong Measure of Ideal Beauty” Pleasure and its Place in a World of Literary Understanding Kollipara, Bharani Ph.D 2010 1260/RD
279. Colonial Assam and Women’s Writing Hazarika, Nizara Ph.D 2010 1254/RD
280. Explorations into the Experience of the Indian Diaspora in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Fictional World Thingbaijam, Kishan M.Phil 2010 1269/RD
281. Spaces with Voices: Theorising the Metropolis in Contemporary Indian English Fiction Dhiman, Sonal M.Phil 2011 1252/RD
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283. Lyric Subjectivity and Modernist Ambiguity Diviya M.Phil 2009 1298/RD
284. ‘Invisible Issues’ in Social Straitjackets: Identity in the Plays of Mahesh Dattani Lama, Bhasker M.Phil 2010 1262/RD
285. Fall and Rise of Man: Self in Foucault and Lacan Shah, Bilal Ahmad M.Phil 2010 1257/RD
286. Feminism through the Popular Lens: A Critical Study of the Novels of Manju Kapur

Dhiman, Aruna M.Phil 2010 1295/RD
287. Theatre of Exclusion: Hybridity as a Masculine Experience in the Plays of Derek Walcott, Trevor D. Rhone and Errol John Basu, Shrabani M.Phil 2010 1243/RD
288. Other Voices: Women’s Writing and the American Baptist Mission in Assam Phukan, Sudipta M.Phil 2010 1246/RD
289. Representation of Violence in Modern Indian English Theatre: A Study of Mahesh Dattani’s Bravely Fought the Queen and Manjula Padmanabhan’s Lights Out Kumar, Bhavesh M.Phil 2010 1280/RD
290. The Politics of color in the works of James Baldwin Malsawmkima, Samuel M.Phil 2011 1319/RD
291. Multiple Characterizations of Indian Womanhood in Manju Kapur’s Fiction Pandey, Monisha M.Phil 2011 1322/RD
292. “Together through Life”: Bob Dylan and the Counterculture Discourse of the 1960’s Cherian, Ajith K. M.Phil 2011 1310/RD


293. Locating the Rites of Passage for Women: Moments of Feminine Metamorphosis in the select study of North-Indian Folklore Tarika M.Phil 2011 1308/RD
294. The Re-turn of the dead: An Afroasiatic Eclipse of the “Classical” and its canonical consequences Jayesh, A.K. M.Phil 2011 1320/RD
295. Reconstructing the social History of Afghanistan:A study of the fiction of Khaled Hosseini and Siba Shakib Kumar, Sunil M.Phil 2011 1325/RD
296. Tamil Historical Novels: Romanticist to postmodernist Murugavel, Vidhya M.Phil 2011 1335/RD
297. “Transmodernity” and its “Other”: A Critical Reading of Ziauddin Sardar Kuzhiyan, Muneer Aram M.Phil 2011 1338/RD
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299. Women in Epic Retellings: Representations of Contemporary Kerala and Gender Politics in Sara Joseph’s Ramayana Stories Prabha Zacharias M.Phil 2010 1263/RD
300. Song Lines and Visual Narratives: Literary Cultures of the Patuas of Medinipur Acharyya, Prasanta Kumar Ph.D 2011 1272/RD
301. Spatial Configuration of World Wide Web: A Semiotic and Web Sphere Analysis of Kannada Websites Rashmi M. M.Phil 2012 1388/RD
302. Postcolonial Indian Society under the Shadow of Colonialism: A Study of Kiran Desai’s Novel The Inheritance of Loss Srinivas, S M.Phil 2012 1386/RD
303. The Paradox of the Criminal Detective: Sociology of Sensation I n Jeff Lindsay’s Novels Bendre, Gargi M.Phil 2011 1385/RD
304. Caste Violence in Dalit Women’s Writing: A Dalit Feminist Critique Tamalapakula, Sowjanya Ph.D 2011 1371/RD
305. Disjunctive Authorship in Robert Bresson’s A Man Escaped And Pickpocket Hassan, Syed Feroz M.Phil 2010 1339/RD
306. Assembling Climate Change: An Actor Network Analysis of Ian McEwan’s Solar Nair, Aravind R M.Phil 2012 1359/RD
307. A Feminist Exploration in the Fictional World of Marilyn French Baghibidi, Maryam Barzegari M.Phil 2012 1341/RD
308. “I can’t go on. I’ll go on”: Reading Women in Narratives of India’s Partition Mukherjee, Anuparna M.Phil 2011 1346/RD
309. Discourses of Tourism and Travel : A Critical Analysis in the Ethiopian Context Zelealem, Mengistu Ph.D 2012 1373/RD
310. Interrogating Caste and Gender in Anita Nair’s Fiction Pavithral, Maya Ph.D 2011 1372/RD
311. The Discourse of Dalit Feminism: A Study of the Works of Bama, Shivakami and Gogu Shyamala Vinayakala, Korvi M.Phil 2012 1395/RD
312. Representation and Theatre: A Semiotic analysis of Contemporary Assamese Theatre Pathak, Namrata M.Phil 2012 1424/RD
313. The Image of India in some Booker Prize Winning Indian English Novels Bhimrao, Kamble Bibhishan M.Phil 2012 1427/RD
314. Critical Complicity: Reconstruction of Odisha through Fakir Mohan’s Works Patra, Umasankar M.Phil 2012 1436/RD
315. On the Verge of Making History: A Critical Study of Selected Dalit Writings Kumbhar, Maitree M.Phil 2012 1440/RD
316. Literature and Ecology: An Ecocriticial Reading of J.M. Coetzee’s Life and Times of Michael K Mir Nurul Islam M.Phil 2012 1457/RD
317. Reading Women Actors’ Autobiographies: A Map for Reconstructed ‘Knowledge’ of Indian Femininity Sulfia S. Santhosh, M.Phil 2011 1459/RD
318. Shamanism in Ted Hughes’s Poetry Shibily Nuaman V.Z M.Phil 2012 1460/RD
319. Fantasy and the Cross-over Phenomenon in Twentieth Century Fiction: A Case Study of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series Jose, Sindhu M.Phil 2012 1434/RD
320. Autobiography and the Indian Self: An Inquiry into Identity Raghavan, N.S. Ph.D 2010 1502/RD
321. Poetry of Existence: Diary as the Text of the Self in Virginia Woolf Wasnik, Prachi M.Phil 2011 1493/RD
322. The Arab Writes Back: A study of Selected Arabic and English Novels Muharram, Mohammed Abdullah Hussein Ph.D 2011 1506/RD
323. Interpreting Reality to Change it: A Study of Terry Eagleton’s Theoretical Stance Sudeesh K. M.Phil 2011 1490/RD
324. Representation of Caste in the National Curriculum: A Reading of NCERT History Textbooks Sudhams, Cherukupalli M.Phil 2010 1489/RD
325. Conceptualising the ‘Guru’ Phenomenon in the Selected Novels of O.V. Vijayan Chandran, Priya M.Phil 2011 1495/RD
326. “Model Citizens”: Development, Domesticity and Popular Cinema in Kerala, 1989-2009 Arunlal, K Ph.D 2012 1376/RD
327. Love, Captivity and Exile in Palestinian Resistance Poetry from 1993-2013: A Critical Analysis Majed Ahmad H. Hasanain Ph.D 2013 1544/RD
328. Accepting the Unbelievable: How Fictional Worlds Become Real for us Gautama Polanki Ph.D 2012 1547/RD
329. Narrative on the Move: Reconstructing History, Culture and Identity through Bhat Compositions Vislavath. Rajunayak Ph.D 2013 1543/RD
330. Between Islam and (Liberal) Secularism: A Critical Reading of Orhan Pamuk’s Snow and Other Colours Hafis Pandikasala M.Phil 2012 1513/RD
331. Global Contexts in Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s Buru Quartet: A Study of the Novel as Historical Narrative Deri Sis Nanda Ph.D 2013 1542/RD
332. Critical Pedagogy and English Studies in India Arzuman Ara Ph.D 2012 1538/RD


333. The Politics of Dispossession: A Study of Selected Indian English Novels of the Post-liberalisation Era Manisha Priyadarshini M.Phil 2013 1527/RD
334. A Narratological Study of Harry Potter Novels: Seven Types of Narrative Pawar, Girirsh D. Ph.D 2013 1561/RD
335. The Vortex of Postcolonial Identities in the New World order with Reference to Select South Asian Novels in English Hasan, Sheikh Mehedis Ph.D 2013 1559/RD
336. The Problem of Appearance and Reality in the fiction of Raja Rao and Iris Murdoch: A Comparative Study Jena, Bidyut Bhusan Ph.D 2013 1558/RD
337. Imagining the Malayalee Muslim Woman: A Post-Secular Reading of Khadija Mumtas’ Athuram and Barsa Muhammad Ali, P.K. M.Phil 2013 1576/RD
338. Nationalism in the Discourse of Colonial Modernity: a Study of Indulekha and Saraswativijayam Janardhanan, Sujith M.Phil 2013 1580/RD
339. Social and Symbolic Dimensions of “Metamorphosis”: A Critical Studty of Select Plays of Girish Karnad Arya, P.V. M.Phil 2011 1588/RD
340. Darkness Uncannily Redeemed: Reading colour, Race, and Space in Harriet Jacobs’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Sankar, O. M.Phil 2011 1573/RD
341. Myth, Gender, and Making of an “Other” Reality in Select Novels of Jose Saramago Chaithanya, P.C. M.Phil 2013 1598/RD
342. Postcolonial Reality as Reflected in Salman Rushdie’s Shame Sabar, Nesha M.Phil 2013 1597/RD
343. Crafting to Mould Children’s Mind: Indian Women Writings for Children in English in India Archana Ph.D 2013 1562/RD
344. The Struggle for Meaning: The Dynamics of Author-Reader Relation in J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore Minz, Deepshikha Adrian M.Phil 2013 1613/RD
345. Contextualising the Cadaver in Kathy Reichs’ Deja Dead and Deadly Decisions Raghavan, Neeraja M.Phil 2014 1602/RD
346. Magical Postmodernist Imagination: Contexts and Texts Sancheti, Pooja Ph.D 2013 1628/RD
347. Remigrating Home: A Study of the Theme of Return in Selected Indian English Novels Rishi Iniyan, P M.Phil 2013 1601/RD
348. Dark Sweethearts: Postmodern Women in Haruki Murakami’s Fiction Mukherjee, Chaandreyi M.Phil 2013 1617/RD
349. Dalit Engagement with Missionaries and Syrian Christianity: A Study of Caste, Conversions and Modernity in Kerala Mathew, Reju George Ph.D 2014 1650/RD
350. Performing Life-Worlds: A Study of the Methor Folk Traditions of Jalpaiguri Rauth, Amit Ph.D 2013 1652/RD
351. Colonial Modernity and Neo-Religious Identities in Travancore: A Critical Study of the Evolution of the Prathyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha Abhilash, V.V. Ph.D 2013 1640/RD
352. “Let the Kite Perch! Let the Eagle also have a Perch…”: Postcolonialism and Discordant Encounters in Reading West African Literature Das, Anwesha Ph.D 2013 1632/RD
353. Contemporary Jewish American Women Writers: Modernity and Orthodoxy Lama, Bhaskar Ph.D 2014 1673/RD
354. Romanticism Elsewhere: A Critical Study of Arabic Romantic Poetry Al-Solel, Amin Ali Ahmad Ph.D 2014 1666/RD
355. (Re)Presentations of the Unpresentable in Ian McEwan and Patrick McGrath Bhattacharya, Satarupa Ph.D 2013 1671/RD
356. Postcolonial Fiction and Claims of the Political: A Study of Rohinton Mistry’s SUCH A LONG JOURNEY and A FINE BALANCE Adhikari, Krishanu M.Phil 2014 1735/RD
357. Forging National Identity: A Comparative Study of the Poems’ of Derek Walcott and E.J. Pratt Prem, Aparna Ph.D 2014 1743/RD
358. Notorious Notes: Fiction and Paratext: A Study of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake Gogoi, Bhaskar Jyoti M.Phil 2014 1736/RD
359. Gender and Partition: Women in the Short Stories of Partition Literature Maitra, Silpi M.Phil 2014 1719/RD
360. From victimhood to Empowerment: Tracing the Transformations of Women Immigrants in the short Fiction of Shauna Singh Baldwin, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and Jhumpa Lahiri Prakash, Hima Ph.D 2014 1690/RD
361. Globalization and Arab Culture: A Study of Select Works of a few Arab Novelists Sarhan, Mansour Jarallah Ahmed Ph.D 2014 1696/RD
362. Self, Other and Liminality: an Exploration of Nabarun Bhattacharya’s Works Ray, Dibyakusum Ph.D 2014 1683/RD
363. Nature, Nation and Colonial Modernity: Western Impact, Indian Response Bhattacharya, Amitendu Ph.D 2014 1745/RD
364. “The Untouchable Text” Dalit Exclusion in English Education in Andhra Pradesh Nukapangu, Venkanna Ph.D 2014 1704/RD
365. “They Turned the River Against Us”: Resistance Writings on Internal Displacement in Post-Independent India Reem, S Ph.D 2014 1707/RD
366. The Raj and its Animals: A Study of Natural History Narratives from Colonial India, 1857-1950 Mitra, Rajarshi Ph.D 2014 1708/RD
367. Haunting Melodies: A Study of Song Cultures of India Kiran Kumar, Golla Ph.D 2014 1697/RD
368. Deconstructing Logocentric Structures of History and Narrative in Ian McEwan’s Fiction Patel, Pravin Kumar Ph.D 2014 1694/RD
369. Disabiling the ‘Abnormal’: Recasting the Representation of Disability in Select Novels of Doris Lessing from the Perspective of Disability Studies Sivakamasundari, A Ph.D 2014 1705/RD
370. The Anatomy of Trauma: Structures of Interpretation and Representation Surendran, Sreevidya Ph.D 2014 1676/RD
371. Tele-Visual Culture and Representing the ‘OTHER’: Depiction of the Indian Characters in American Television Behera, Anjan Kumar M.Phil 2014 1759/RD
372. Interpreting the Folk: Towards a Cultural Poetics A Study of Konyak Naga Folktales Chohwanglim, Nonlih Ph.D 2014 1785/RD
373. “The Untouchable Text”: Dalit Exclusion in English Education in Andhra Pradesh Nukapangu, Venkanna Ph.D 2014 1784/RD
374. Beyond the Familiar Horizons: A Study of Gender in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane and Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions Bhillade, Nilesh Prakash M.Phil 2014 1763/RD
375. Home and Homelessness in the Select Novels of Amitav Ghosh Sen, Surajit M.Phil 2014 1760/RD
376. Postmodern Narratives of Ageing: A Literary and Cultural Exploration Jagadeesh, Gade Ph.D 2014 1769/RD
377. Panchatantra Reloaded: A Cultural Form for the Digital Age Samson, Alice Ph.D 2014 1767/RD
378. The Construction of the Past in Individual Histories: A Study of the Experience of Temporality in the Later Fiction of Anita Desai Das, Pramod Kumar Ph.D 2014 1766/RD
379. Gender discourse and Indian English Theatre: The Third Gender in Mahesh Dattani’s Plays Premnazir, Parvathi M.Phil 2013 1765/RD
380. Arabic Drama: A Critique of the Literary History of Turath and Modernity Al-Huraibi, Abdullah Abdulrahman Hamoud Ph.D 2014 1797/RD
381. Reading Cricket: The Culture of Leisure and the Politics of Popular Sport in Commonwealth Countries Christopher, M. Joe Demsy Ph.D 2014 1764/RD
382. The Polyphonic Novel: a Study of Amitav Ghosh’s Novels Borthakur, Sangeeta Ph.D 2014 1761/RD
383. Being with the Other: the (IM) Possibility of Postcolonial Ethics in Postcolonial Fiction Sharma, Mahesh Ph.D 2014 1770/RD
384. Life-Writing, Self-Representation, and the Nation: A Study of the Autobiographies of Mohandas K Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, and Verrier Elwin Sadhu, Sanghamitra Ph.D 2014 1762/RD
385. The Hermeneutics of Suspicion in the Select Works of Edward Said Kumbar, Ravikumar S. Ph.D 2014 1768/RD
386. The Poetics of the Polis: A Historiographical Study of Indian City Narratives Kumar, Bhavesh Ph.D 2015 1821/RD
387. Selves of Their Own: Metaphor of Madness in Selected Postcolonial Women’s Fiction Bolla, Jyothsnaphanija Ph.D 2015 1819/RD
388. Uncertain Equalities: Tradition, Modernity and Gender in Naguib Mahfouz’s The Cairo Trilogy Mohammed, Najwa Mohammed Saeed Ph.D 2015 1818/RD
389. Poetic of Piety: Genre, Devotion, and Self-Fashioning in the Mappila Literary Culture of South India Kuzhiyan, Muneer Aram Ph.D 2015 1816/RD
390. Patrick White’s Fiction : A Postcolonial Reading Deepa, B.S. Ph.D 2015 1845/Rd
391. Writing with the Grain: Musicality, Voice and Sonic Synergies in Postcolonial Fiction in English Ghoshal, Ananya Ph.D 2015 1857/RD
392. Of Text and World: Corporeality and Ethics in Select Works of Christos Tsiolkas Diengdoh, Basil N. Darlong Ph.D 2015 1850/RD
393. Gendered Realities and the Endangered Female: Hybridity as a Masculine Experience in Anglophone Caribbean Performance Traditions. Basu, Shrabani Ph.D 2015 1828/RD
394. Explorations into the Formation of Selfhood: A Critical Study of Autobiographies by Select Indian Muslim Women Siddiqua, Ayesha Ph.D 2015 1832/RD
395. Images of the Adivasi in Indian Writing in English Dharavath, Mohan Ph.D 2014 1834/RD
396. An Ecomythical Reading of Select African and Indian Fictional Texts Pillai, Sarannya V. Ph.D 2015 1835/RD
397. Critical Reflection and Teacher Beliefs: A Study in Classroom Communication Sasmal, Ipshita Hajra Ph.D 2014 1838/RD
398. The Short Fiction of Saadat Hasan Manto: An Irigarayan Approach Tewari, Ridhima Ph.D 2014 1830/RD
399. Perfor(M)ative Bodies and Signs: Reading the Carnivalesque in Salman Rushdie’s Fiction Rajni Ph.D 2015 1853/RD