Social Exclusion Studies

Sl.No. Title Author Course Year Acc. No.
1 Social and Political Ideas of B.S. Venkat Rao: A Dalit Biography Upender Rao Enapa M.Phil 2012 1514/RD
2 Media Democracy and Exclusion: A Study of SC and ST Representation in Telugu News Media Gutha Koteaswar Rao M.Phil 2013 1511/RD
3 Society and Law-Status of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 in Telangana B. Karthik Navayan M.Phil 2013 1570/RD
4 The Dialectic of Sacred Prostitution: Reading Devadasi Practice through Popular Marathi Literature Dattatraya, Salunke Nilekha M.Phil 2013 1590/RD
5 Dalits and the Democratic Revolution: A Critical Inquiry and Reconsideration More, Pradnya M.Phil 2013 1569/RD
6 Separate Telangana Movement and Politics – Role of the Students of Osmania University Krishna, Nallamasu M.Phil 2013 1614/RD
7 The Process of Exclusion and Inclusion of Minorities and Post Secular Deabates Sadique, P.K. M.Phil 2013 1658/RD
8 Reading Internal Colonialism : A Case of Gorkhaland Movement Sharma, Arpeata M.Phil 2014 1734/RD
9 Minority within a Minority: Aspirations and Experiences of Dalit Christians in India Rajya Lakshmi, K M.Phil 2014 1721/RD
10 Social Diversity and Judiciary in India Venkateshwarlu, Vibhudi M.Phil 2014 1746/RD