Sl. Title Author Course Year Acc. No.
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72. A Study of the Attitudinal Function of Intonation in Kannada English Murthy, Suman M.Litt. 1981 148/RD
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75. Stress in Malayalee English: A Generative Phonological Approach Sadanandan, Suchitra M.Litt. 1981 160/RD
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79. English Loanwords in Tamil: An Ethno Semantic Study Kaleem, Nafeesa Ph.D 1981 162/RD
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86. The System of Vowels in the English Spoken by the Undergraduate Students of Pondicherry- An Articulatory and Acoustic Study Seetha, R. M.Litt. 1982 189/RD, 211/RD
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91. The Tamil Syllable Vijayakrishnan, K.G. Ph.D 1982 213/RD, 206/RD
92. A Comparative Study of English Spoken by Teachers of English and Teachers of other Subjects: (A Study at the Undergraduate level of the Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh) Nirmala, N Girija M.Litt. 1983 234/RD
93. Language Planning: Sociolinguistic Factors and Learners’ Attitudes to English Aggarwal, Kailash S. M.Litt. 1983 264/RD
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97. Language Planning: Socio Economic Factors and Learners Attitudes to English Aggrawal, Kailash S. M.Litt. 1983 264/RD
98. Oriya English and the Ross Constraints: A Study Pattanaik, Umesh Prasad M.Litt. 1983 236/RD
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102. Toward a Core Pedagogic Grammar for the Degree Students Studying in the College of the Andhra University Area Veeraswamy, M. M.Litt. 1983 243/RD
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105. The Use of English in Industries in Andhra Pradesh: A Sociolinguistic study Sadanand, Kamlesh Ph.D 1983 250/RD
106. Movement Rules in Maithili and English: Their Implications for the Theory of Government and Binding Yadava, Yogendra Prasad Ph.D 1983 246/RD
107. A Phonological Study of English Spoken by the Educated Assamese Pandey, G.S. M.Litt. 1984 252/RD
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