The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. E. Suresh Kumar, accorded approval to establish a Centre for Consultancy and Language Training (CCLT) at the university and accordingly the Centre was established in May 2019.

The Objectives of the Centre are as follows :-

  • To offer consultancy to various agencies in matters related to teaching and learning of English
  • To conceptualize and offer need-based/tailor-made training programmes to various organizations and institutions

Activities :-

The well-qualified and experienced faculty members of the English and Foreign Languages University have been imparting quality training to thousands of teachers of English across the country through the Diploma and Certificate courses. Drawing on the expertise available in the university, the Centre for Consultancy and Language Training conducts short-term, need-based training for teachers of English in the government and private sectors.

There is a growing demand for language for specific purposes (LSP) courses in the industrial and corporate sectors as English and foreign languages such as Spanish, German, French, for example, have assumed importance in global communication and in terms of employability. Therefore, specific courses in English such as English for nurses. Business English, for example, and proficiency courses in foreign languages are designed and conducted on request to cater to the needs of the industrial, organizational and professional sectors.

Recently, the University entered into an MOU with Indian Institute of Management, Vishakapatnam (IIMV) for mutual capacity building. The Centre collaborates with higher institutes of learning and offers services in the areas of Curriculum, Syllabus and Course design, materials development, English language proficiency test development, and proficiency courses in English and foreign languages like Spanish, German, French to name a few.

Institutions/organizations interested in utilizing the services of the Centre may please write to directorcclt@efluniversity.ac.in with details of the Institution/Organization, nature of consultancy/ training. A meeting can be arranged to discuss matters related to implementation and remuneration.

For further information contact : -

Prof. Meera Srinivas
Centre for Consultancy and Language Training
 : directorcclt@efluniversity.ac.in
☎ : 040-27689540