Department of Communication

Prof. Sujatha Mukiri

Prof. G. Naga Mallika

Prof. T. T. Sreekumar

Dr. Panthukala Srinivas
Assistant Professor

Dr. Suchitra Patnaik
Assistant Professor

Dr. T. Ranjith
Assistant Professor

Dr. Srinivas Reddy Lankala
Assistant Professor

Dr. A. Nagaraju
Assistant Professor

Dr. K. Raja Ram
Assistant Professor

Establishment of the Department

Responsibilities of the Department

• 1967-2000: production and dissemination of educational radio programmes
• Teaching courses in media and communication and journalism and mass communocation
• Guiding students in the preparation of television and film scripts
• Organizing workshops
• Organizing Media Fest
• Guiding students in the preparation of the magazine InScribe

Programmes conducted by the Department

• M.A. in English: some courses

• M.A. in Journalism & Mass Communication