Department of ESL (English as a Second Language) Studies

Prof. M. E. Veda Sharan

Prof. R. Kishore Kumar

Prof. K. Padmini Shanker

Dr. Muthyala Udaya
Assistant Professor

Dr. C. Ramamuni Reddy
Assistant Professor

Dr. Thirupathi Reddy Maram
Assistant Professor

Dr. Pusuluri Sreehari
Assistant Professor

Establishment of the Department

  • Earliest (1959) of all Departments, following the establishment of the Central Institute of English (CIE) in 1958.
  • Then called the Department of Methods
  • First Head of the Department was Prof R N Ghosh

Responsibilities of the Department

  • Designed the flagship course, “Teaching of Methods” which became widespread among various Universities and Institutions after 1977
  • Has played a major role in developing Language Pedagogy in India
  • Has promoted teaching and research in ELT Training and Research, Second Language Pedagogy, and Second Language Studies, to mention a few

Programmes/ Courses offered by the Department

Courses taught in the following programmes:

BA Hons, MA, BEd, PGCTE, PGDTE, PhD, ITP, and Short-term teacher training programmes