Given the niche the EFL university carved for itself in the field of higher education both at the national and international level, the EFL university has always been attracting and accommodating students from all sections of the society and this scenario is no different with respect to persons with disabilities. During the past many years, more than 100 students with disabilities have been admitted into various programmes for whom, the university implemented a slew of schemes and facilities and a few other measures are in the process of completion to ensure a comfortable and fulfilling stay for students and persons with disabilities on the EFL University campus.

In January 2012, the university established the Cell for the Disabled to look after all issues pertaining to persons with disabilities in compliance to the UGC guidelines and the Cell has been initiating several activities.


Facilitate barrier free access to all buildings of Offices, Departments, classrooms, Libraries,
Hostels, Guest house and Parking areas on the university campus.
Ensure that there is no discrimination in the University on grounds of disability.
Help other institutions in establishing new resource centers. Provide all course materials in accessible formats like braille, text and audio for students with visual impairment.
Provide assistive devices to enhance independence.
Provide counseling for employment and organize placement drives.
Organise Orientation courses on life skills, communication skills and legal entitlements.
Conduct conferences, seminars and workshops on disabilities.
Sensitize the University community and the general public on the potentials of persons with disabilities.
Organise visits and to liase with various reputed institutions to facilitate exchange of expertise in the areas of culture, sports, employment and policy,.
Explore funding possibilities, scholarships, fellowships to fostera cademic engagement among students with disabilities.
Fulfil all statutory requirements for persons with disabilities in the admission, teaching, learning, and employment process.