Department of Russian Studies

Dr. Satyabhan Singh Rajput
Associate Professor

Dr. Kunwar Kant
Assistant Professor

Ms. Monika
Assistant Professor

Mr. Hawa Singh Yadav
Assistant Professor

Establishment of the Department

Responsibilities of the Department

The responsibilities of the Department are to promote

  • The teaching of Russian as a foreign language
  • Research in Russian philology
  • Translation of texts, both literary and scientific
  • The teaching of Russian culture
  • Publishing of research articles

Programmes/ Courses conducted by the Department

Full time Programmes

  • B.A. (Hons.) in Russian
  • M.A. in Russian
  • M.Phil in Russian
  • Ph.D in Russian

Part time Programmes

  • Certificate of Proficiency in Russian
  • Diploma in Russian
  • Advanced Diploma in Russian
  • One Year Intensive Advanced Diploma in Russian
  • One Year Intensive Higher Advanced Diploma in Russian
  • Russian as an optional course at the undergraduate level