Indian and World Literature

Prof. Kedari Narasimha Rao

Prof. N. Rama Devi

Prof. Thoty Subramanyam

Dr. Singadi Chinna Devi
Assistant Professor

Dr. V. Rajunayak
Assistant Professor

Dr. Jibu Mathew George
Assistant Professor

Dr. Jai Singh
Assistant Professor

Dr. Rahul Narayan Kamble
Assistant Professor

Establishment of the Department

• Established in 2013 following the merger of three smaller departments established in 2009

• The new department encompasses a broader realm and a much broader vision

Responsibilities of the Department

• Promotes research in Indian literature and literatures in English from all over the world
• Publishes articles in research journals
• Organizes talks, seminars, workshops

Programmes/ Courses offered by the Department

• The department offers courses for the B.A English, M.A English programmes
• M.A. Literatures in English
• Ph.D. in Indian and World Literatures