EFL University Envisions
The fundamental purpose of a university is advancement of knowledge. A university can achieve such a goal only through its teaching and research activities. A university may confine itself to teaching and survive, but it can't aspire for excellence. For, teaching - however grand and gratifying it might be - often is circumscribed by the received, long-standing (dated) methods and materials; such teaching can breed complacence through the cocoon of its comfort zone. It can indulge students to bask under its shady dusk. In contrast, research risks the unknown, engages the established and searches for the unprecedented. The distinctive mark of a university can be carved out only when it sustains a lively relation between teaching and research.
Today universities are judged on the basis of their research and innovative accomplishments. Universities are compelled to be accountable, to justify their existence on the basis of their contribution to knowledge and well-being of the society.
In order to encourage and enhance its researches, EFL University has brought forth a new research initiative and established a Centre dedicated to the task (Research Acceleration Centre).
As a Central University, EFLU's mandate expanded and its intellectual horizons widened. The university is now empowered to generate and advance
  • contextually relevant inquiries in areas of languages, literatures and cultures;
  • create innovative research paradigms
  • and prepare appropriate teaching models and materials. The university with its 7 schools 25 departments and two region-based branches has the potential to stand out as the most singular humanities university in the country. The RAC will build on the its much seasoned academic experience.