The University provides hostel facilities for everyone who is not a resident of Hyderabad. There are 5 different hostels inside the campus. Indian students have 3 hostels (1 for men, 2 for women) while foreigners have 2 hostels, one for boys and another for girls.

The university has 2 different places to eat - the mess and the canteen. The mess fee usually ranges from Rs. 2,000/- to 2,500/- per month. There is quite a variety of dishes prepared every week. However, the non-veg items are restricted to 3 meals per week.

Basheer Hostel for Men

Akka Mahadevi Hostel for Women

Mahalaqa Bai Chanda Hostel for Women

Tagore International Hostel for Men

Amrita Pritam International Hostel for Women