The NSS Office of the university came into existence in the month of July 2017 with the sanction of two units to the university campus. The students who registered as volunteers for the NSS unit are the participants of various Under Graduate, Post-Graduate and Ph.D programmes offered on the campus from the English and Foreign Languages Departments.

The NSS unit of EFLU aims at bringing in social awareness and increase social responsibility in the student volunteers.

The Objectives are:
• To identify the needs and problems in the community for which the solution can be evolved.
• To develop among the volunteers a sense of social and civil responsibility.
• To apply their education in finding practical solution to individual and community problems.
• To develop competence required for group living and sharing responsibilities.
• To gain skills in mobilizing community participation.
• To acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude

To achieve the aim and objectives, the NSS unit has chosen the following activities to be conducted this year (2017):
• Awareness programs through flash mobs in railway stations and bus stations on avoiding the use of plastic
• Plantations to increase greenery and reduce pollution
• Visit places that have role/importance in freedom fight
• Guest lectures on/by freedom fighters
• Personality development workshops by eminent trainers
• Conduct concentrated camps in the villages adopted, viz a vis, Taramathipet and Peerzadiguda, to improve awareness on health, hygiene and literacy
• Teach fish program in the villages where a few down trodden women are chosen and train them to make their living
• Participate in the culture exchange and adventure camps at the state level

NSS Program Coordinator
Dr. G. Suvarna Lakshmi
Assoc. Prof. Dept of ELT,
School of Distance Education.

NSS Program Officer
Dr. M. Udaya
Asst. proffessor, Dept of ESL studies,
School of English Language Education