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 Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies research cluster at The English and Foreign Languages University has been constituted to bring together Humanities and Social Sciences scholars from across the globe to carry out research on contemporary Latin America from an interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary approach. The primary objective of the cluster is to provide a sense of companionship and cooperation among the Latin American Studies scholars spread across continents and disciplines to encourage interdisciplinary collaborations and produce research and contribute to the higher studies by organizing academic events and activities. The cluster will primarily focus on contemporary issues faced by Latin American countries in the 21st century in the following thrust areas: history, memory and trauma; transnational migration; narcoculture; violence against women; LGBTQI+ communities; climate change; etc. University teachers and young research scholars, both nationally and internationally, will be able to benefit from this research cluster output in terms of research articles, essays, books, etc.

History, post/memories and trauma in the Southern Cone of Latin America (2000-2020): contemporary interdisciplinary approaches

This research project currently undertaken by the Latin American Studies research cluster proposes to investigate and analyze the production of memory narratives on the last military dictatorship in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay in different cultural artifacts (literature, cinema, photography, theatre, performance, music, museums, sites of memory, etc.), developed by the generation of postmemory or the “generation of children”, within which are included the artifacts directly affected by the State terrorism and actors of civil society. From this perspective, this research proposal will examine the processes of social memory construction from aesthetic and aestheticized languages: the testimonies of survivors and historical documents: the fiction/truth dichotomy, the problematization of identity, disappearance, absence, elaboration of trauma and the denunciation of terror which appears in the modes of non-realistic representation which have been intensified in the recent years. This project is motivated by the common interest shared by the principal investigator and other co-investigators of the research cluster in the area of memory studies of Southern Cone of Latin America.

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