Tagore International Hostel

  • Tagore International Hostel has six Floors. Each floor has 18 suites except First Floor which has only 12 suites. Each suite has two rooms. Thus, the total number of suites in our Hostel is 102 or 204 rooms. Floor 1, 2, 3 have single occupancy and Floor 4, 5, 6 have double occupancy. Hence, our hostel can accommodate 312 participants altogether.
  • The university authorities had taken a decision to reserve Level 2 and 3 for ITP (International Training Programme) Participants.
  • We provide Kitchen utensils for cooking, Computer Lab with wi-fi connection, Television, Air conditioner and laundry facilities for ITP Participants.
  • We also provide air coolers and laundry facilities for regular students.
  • We provide television at the lounge for all residents of the hostel.
  • We provide full furnished accommodation including cot, computer table, chair, bookshelve, refrigerator, geyser, almarah etc
Provost :
Prof. Shyam Rao Rathod
Warden :
Prof. Muzaffar Alam
Dy.Warden :
Dr. Mohit Chandna
Contact Details :
Tagore International Hostel
The EFL University
Tarnaka, Hyderabad 500 007.
☎ 040- 27689656