This Mobile App is intended for learning and/ or practising pronunciation of English sounds. EnglishPro is designed to teach correct pronunciation of English sounds, with the conviction that accuracy in pronunciation is an essential component of good English speaking skills.

While exposure to language through these lessons will ensure indirect learning of vocabulary and grammar, EnglishPro is not meant as a complete course for learning spoken English, for developing communication skills, or for preparation for various competitive examinations.

All the contents in the App are meant for informational purposes only. They are intended solely for your personal, educational, and non-commercial use.

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The Team
Subject Expert Committee

Prof E Suresh Kumar, Vice Chancellor, EFL University, Hyderabad


Prof L Balagopal, Dept of Materials Development, Testing, and Evaluation

Dr Meena Debashish, Dept of Phonetics and Spoken English

Dr Kshema Jose, Dept of Training and Development


Prof L Balagopal, Dept of Materials Development, Testing and Evaluation

Prof S Upendran, Dept of Materials Development, Testing and Evaluation

Tech support

Graylogic Technologies Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad

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