More about EnglishPro

EnglishPro addresses one of the persistent needs of our societyquality training in English pronunciation. It complements teaching of English in schools, which focuses mainly on grammar and vocabulary, and very rarely, if at all, on pronunciation. EnglishPro offers its users opportunities for independent learning and practising spoken English.

Unlike other mobile apps that deliver lessons in spoken English, EnglishPro does not require users to learn phonetics, or special phonetic symbols. EnglishPro teaches English the way we learnt to speak our mother tongue by listening to other speakers, imitating them, and correcting ourselves.

Designed to appeal specifically to the Indian user EnglishPro teaches English pronunciation in the unique Bharatiya way – it relates English sounds with similar sounds in Indian languages. EnglishPro also promotes use of Standard Indian English.

EnglishPro uses highly-validated materials designed by experts of EFL University with decades of experience in teaching pronunciation.

Its simple interface allows easy use for all levels of learners – one can follow the lessons in a linear order, one by one just like in a classroom, or chart a need-based learning path by choosing lessons in any order from the menu.

The App consists of four modules and twenty-one lessons, ensuring a comprehensive coverage of all the sounds in the English language. Special attention has been paid to the design of content; lessons for learning and practice, and tests in the first three modules present around 700 commonly used words and around 500 judiciously crafted sentences to ensure users increase their vocabulary repertoire and also develop proficiency in English.

The fourth module helps you learn the correct pronunciation of words commonly mispronounced by the Indian user of English.

Some of the other features of EnglishPro that make learning pronunciation easy and effective are

(i) word-based exercises to help you focus-practice individual sounds

(ii) sentence-based exercises to help you use sounds learnt

(iii) words in sentences highlighted to draw attention to focused sounds,

(iv) exercises to help you compare sounds,

(v) facilities for recording, self-monitoring, and correcting pronunciation,

(vi) exercises to learn commonly mispronounced words, and

(vii) tests that are fun and encourage self-learning.

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