Language Education

Sl.No Title Author Course Year Acc. No.
1. English in India, Some Observations on Usage. Mohan, Kamal PGRD 1962 14/RD
2. English for P.U.C Students in the Humanities: Draft-Materials for a Course Chatterji, H.P PGRD 1962 12/RD
3. Report on the Comprehension of Oral English at the School Leaving Level Naglakshmi, S PGRD 1962 15/RD
4. Preparation of Teaching Materials in English for PUC Students.(Arts) Shirodkar, D S PGRD 1966 22/RD
5. A Contrastive Analysis of Verbals and Prepositional in English & Telugu Sastri, Y.B..V.S. Rama PGRD 1967 24/RD
6. Remedial Work in English for PUC and First Year Degree Students in Hindi Speaking Areas Sinha, Anjani Kumar PGRD 1967 1/RD
7. American English & Hindi Nominal Groups: A Study in Systematic Contrastive Analysis Sinha Binod, K PGRD 1968 77/RD
8. Remedial Lessons on English Pronunciation for Use in the Language Laboratory Parthasarathy, G. PGRD 1968 5/RD
9. Problems of Translation and the Implications of its Use as a Teaching Device With Special Reference to the Teaching of English to Hindi Speakers Shukla, Sushil Kumar PGRD 1968 7/RD
10. Comparative Study of Direct Method and the Bilingual Method of Teaching English Murthy, R.V.S PGRD 1968 4/Rd
11. Reading Comprehension at the College Level Narayanaswamy, K R PGRD 1969 9/RD
12. The Improvement of Reading Efficiency at the P.U.C Level Anasuya, R PGRD 1970 27/RD
13. Language Teaching Through Literature: Preparation of a Book of Prose’s and Poetry for PUC/H.Sc Class ArdhanareeswaraN. B PGRD 1970 26/RD
14. A Comparative Study of the Bilingual Method and the Direct Method in a Hindi Medium School Nagarajan, Nalini PGRD 1970 28/RD
15. The language of Indian English Newspaper Reporting. Sheorey, Ravindra, PGRD 1971 31/Rd
16. An Investigation into the Vocabulary Resources of Third-Year Degree Students Chadda, Usha PGRD 1971 33/RD
17. A Selection of Reading Materials for Students of Science and Technology Indira, Varanasi PGRD 1972 35/RD
18. The Marathi Verb Marathe, S PGRD 1972 50/RD
19. A Programmed Remedial Course in Modern English Usage for the B. A. ( Part I ) / Pre-University Classes Joshi, G K PGRD 1972 34/RD
20. A Course in spoken English for use in India Sadanand, K PGRD 1972-73 195/RD
21. Constitution of a proficiency test at the undergraduate level. Nageswara Rao, E PGRD 1974 49/RD
22. A Critical Analysis of the Trends and Developments in the Teaching of English at the Undergraduate Level in the Colleges Affiliated to Utkal University Das, Mahajiteswar M.Litt. 1975 48/RD
23. The Development of a Proficiency Test in English for Students at the Pre-Degree Level Rajagopal, G. M.Litt. 1975 55/RD
24. An Error Analysis and its Pedagogical Implications: A Study within the Conceptual Framework of Transitional Competence of a Hundred Specimens of Free Composition Written by Goan Students D’ Souza, Jean M.Litt. 1976 53/RD
25. Analysis of the Register of Defense Technical Institutes as a Basis for English Proficiency Test Construction Mukerji, Gita M.Litt. 1976 59/RD
26. Some Aspects of the Use of English for Academic Purpose: An Empirical Study of English-Medium Intermediate Students of Humanities and the Sciences Majumdar, Jayasri M.Litt. 1976 60/RD
27. The Teaching of English in Indian Institutes of Technology Rama Rao, P M.Litt. 1976 54/RD
28. First Language interference: A Study of the problems of Gujarati Learners of English Trivedi, N.K M.Litt. 1977 80/RD
29. A Critical Study of the Methods of Teaching English in the Colleges of Haryana State Gautam, Kripa K M.Litt. 1977 73/RD
30. A Study to Identify Objective Criteria for Teaching and Evaluating Writing as a Thinking Process (With Reference to Writing in English) at the Undergraduate Level Rama Devi, S M.Litt. 1977 171/RD, 70/RD
31. An Experiment in Designing: A Need-Based Media Training-Kit for English Language Teachers Gadkari, Vineeta C M.Litt. 1977 79/RD
32. Designing a Special Purpose Course in English for the Students of Law in Rajasthan Bhatia, V K M.Litt. 1977 63/RD
33. Error Analysis of the Khasi Students Written English at the College Entry Level Marwein, Martha Mary M.Litt. 1977 74/RD
34. Language Proficiency and Background Factors of Class X Students in English Medium Schools Gupta, Indira M.Litt. 1977 65/RD
35. Some Preliminary Proposals for the Design of a Reading-Oriented Alternative to the Current English Programme in the Regional Medium Schools of Andhra Pradesh Monippally, Matthukutty M M.Litt. 1977 72/RD
36. Developing a Reading Oriented E.L.T. Strategy: A Psycholinguistic Study Pal, Anasuya Ph.D 1977 82/RD
37. An Evaluation of the B. A. English Major Course in Karnataka University, Dharwar Santeswar, Veena M.Litt. 1978 105/RD
38. An Investigation into Undergraduate Students Proficiency in Listening Comprehension and Note-Taking in English Mukherjee, Jayashree M.Litt. 1978 95/RD
39. Application of Programmed Instruction to Distance-Teaching: An Experimental Study Prahlad, S.R. M.Litt. 1978 91/RD
40. Bilingual Education: An Alternative Strategy for ELT in India David, Annie M.Litt. 1978 96/RD
41. Designing a Course in Written English for the First Year Degree Students in Rajasthan Chaurasia, M M.Litt. 1978 98/RD
42. English for Business: An Analysis Designing a Special Purpose Course for Students of Commerce Kumar, Usha M.Litt. 1978 93/RD
43. Errors at the Discourse Level: A Study of Errors in English (at the discourse-level) made by First-Year English Medium Students (in the twin-cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad ) Neelakanthan, Susheela M.Litt. 1978 89/RD
44. Strategies for Remedial Work in Grammar With a Focus on English Determiners Sadasivan, N M.Litt. 1978 101/RD
45. Syntactic Errors: Their Significance for Teachers (A Study of Errors Made by the Non-English Medium Students of Home Science College, SNDT University, Bombay ) D' Souza, Leonora M.Litt. 1978 97/RD
46. Working Towards a Special Purpose Academic Course in English for the Students of Commerce in Punjab Jalota, D R M.Litt. 1978 86/RD
47. Strategies for Remedial Work in Grammar with a Focus on English Determines Sadasivan, N M.Litt. 1978 209/RD
48. A Study of Advanced Reading: Comprehension of the Structure of a Text of Expository Writing Mustafa, S M M.Litt. 1979 108/RD, 107/RD
49. Designing a Course in Written English for First Year B A, SNDT Women s University: Materials to Develop Skills of Communication, Paragraph Organisation and Major Areas of Usage Banatwala, Ayesha M.Litt. 1979 118/RD
50. Towards Designing a Course in Functional Writing for Degree Classes Eapen, Rachel Lalitha M.Litt. 1979 175 RD, 113/RD
51. Certain Aspects of the Functions & Form. Parasher, S.V Ph.D 1979 885/Rd
52. A Functional Approach to EAP Course Design: Developing a Course in Written English for Social Science Students at the B. A. Level Datta, Chitra M.Litt. 1980 130/RD
53. A Study of the Teaching and Testing of Writing Skills at the Undergraduate Level in Mysore University Mohanraj, S M.Litt. 1980 167/RD
54. An Analysis of the Errors in English of Under-Graduate Students of Meerut University, With Suggestions Towards a Core Remedial Grammar Sharma, P L M.Litt. 1980 131/RD
55. An Investigation into the Effectiveness of Some Techniques and Procedures Adopted by Scriptwriters, Producers and Course Designers of English by Radio Rahman, Faizur M.Litt. 1980 237/RD
56. Problems in Teaching Indirect Speech to Tamil Medium Students of English Murugaiyan, N M.Litt. 1980 139/RD
57. Teaching English to Tribal Learners: A Survey of the Ethnic, Cultural, Socio-Economic and Linguistic Problems Involved, With Some Suggestions for a Viable Pedagogy Kundu, M M.Litt. 1980 137/RD, 212/RD
58. The Identification of Course Features Facilitating Self-Instruction in Listening Comprehension: A Study Conducted with First Year Undergraduates of Ujjain, M.P. Julka, Sushma M.Litt. 1980 129/RD
59. Towards a Course in Literary Appreciation at the Plus 2 Level: A Study of Issues Involved in Teaching and Designing an Alternative Syllabus for Intermediate Higher English Students of Patna University Roy, Chhanda M.Litt. 1980 158/RD, 121/RD
60. Towards an Advanced Reading Course for English Medium Degree Students Susairaj, Nirmala M.Litt. 1980 151/RD
61. A Study of the Attitude and Motivation for Learning English at the First Degree Level in the District of Cuttack Pramanik, Tarak Kumar M.Litt. 1981 147/RD
62. A Study of the Sociolinguistic Factors Affecting the Second Year Intermediate Tribal Students: Learning of English at Ranchi University Chaudhary, Shreesh Chandra M.Litt. 1981 150/RD
63. A Study of the Teaching and Testing of the Skills of Writing in the New Curricula of Bombay University and Autonomous Colleges of Madras George, K K M.Litt. 1981 149/RD
64. An Enquiry into the Mathemagenicity of Radio Programmes for Second Language Learners Balagopal, L M.Litt. 1981 143/RD
65. An Investigation of the Rhetoric Structures and Strategies Used in Argumentative Writing in English by Students at the Undergraduate Level Inthira, S.R. M.Litt. 1981 180/RD, 567/RD, 156/RD
66. Application of the Technique of Microteaching to the Training of Teachers of English Vasudevan, P M.Litt. 1981 186/RD
67. Contribution of the Teachers of English to the Development of Study Skills of II Year Intermediate Learners Nitya Rani, R M.Litt. 1981 174/RD
68. Designing a Course in Reading Comprehension for Students of Science at the Degree Level With Special Reference to Ahmednagar College Jacob, P Grace M.Litt. 1981 154/RD
69. L1 Interference in the Acquisition of English as L3 : An Exploration of the Special Problems Encountered by the Kondh Tribal Students of Orissa in Acquiring English Bal, Bijoy Kumar M.Litt. 1981 184/RD
70. The Mother Tongue in the Teaching of English at the Under-Graduate Level in Rajasthan: An Assessment and an Experiment Aroti M.Litt. 1981 140/RD
71. Towards a Strategy for a Systematic Use of the Mother Tongue Inputs in the General English Classes at the College Level Girija, G M.Litt. 1981 159/RD
72. Towards an In-Company Course in Spoken English for Business Communication Lakshmanan, Usha M.Litt. 1981 169/RD
73. Towards the Design of Self-Instructional Bilingual Reading Materials for Non-Formal Learners of English Who are Literate in Tamil Felix, P M.Litt. 1981 146/RD
74. A Critical Study of the Fundamental Curricular Issues Relevant to the Teaching of English in India Leading to an Alternative Integrated ELT Curriculum Koul, Badri Nath Ph.D 1981 170/RD
75. The Needs for English in Orissa: An Investigation into the English Language Requirements and Related Instructional Programmes at the Post-Secondary Level of Education Das, Mahajiteswar Ph.D 1977 92/RD
76. An Experiment in Promoting Spontaneous Communication in English Through Classroom Activities Dheram, Premakumari M.Litt. 1982 185/RD
77. An Investigation into the use of Study-Aids by the Under-Graduate Students of English in Selected Colleges of Delhi University Kumar, Sunil M.Litt. 1982 178/RD
78. Correlates of Successful Grammar-Learning: A Study of the Correlations Between Discrete-Point and Integrative Tests Administered to XI Standard Tamil Medium Students Srinivasan, C.N. M.Litt. 1982 218/RD
79. Developing Strategies for Using Oral Reading to Help Speech and Comprehension Skills in Vernacular Medium Class at the High School Level in A.P. Jyothi, K A M.Litt. 1982 176/RD, 177/RD
80. Developing Strategies For The Use Of Translation in Remedial Teaching in the First Year (Intermediate Level) in the Colleges of Orissa Das, Saroj Kumar M.Litt. 1982 210/RD
81. Learning Language Through Literature: An Investigation into Theoretical Positions, Historical and Current, that Suggest an Integration of the Two Subjects Ramakrishna, Pushpa M.Litt. 1982 188/RD
82. Teaching English Through a Content Subject of the Curriculum-An Investigation Sharma, Naintara M.Litt. 1983 227/RD
83. The Teaching of Cohesive Devices of English to Tamil Learners Arunachalam, R M.Litt. 1983 220/RD
84. Using the Communicative Approach for the Remedial Teaching of the English at Under-Graduate Level Ayyar, Indira V M.Litt. 1983 202/RD
85. The Use of English in Industries in Andhra Pradesh Sadanand, Kamlesh Ph.D 1983 884/Rd
86. A Study of the Linguistic and Communicative Abilities of High School Teachers of English in Relation to Their Classroom Functions Singh, V D Ph.D 1983 251/RD, 254/RD
87. English Language Teaching for Junior College Lectures at the +2 Stage in Andhra Pradesh Ranga Rao, D M.Litt. 1984 256/RD
88. Towards Designing an In-Service Course in ELT for Junior College Lecturers at the +2 Stage in A.P. Ranga Rao, D M.Litt. 1984 256/RD
89. A Critical Evaluation of the Distance Teaching Materials (Part I - English, at I - Year Degree Level, Used by Sri Venkateswara University) Leading to a Reformed Instructional Format for Theses Materials Vydehi, M M.Litt. 1984 255/RD
90. A Field Study of New Type Readers of Andhra Pradesh With Particular Reference to Class VIII ( Non-English Medium ) Reader, 1982 Babu Rao, G.S.R.K. M.Litt. 1984 239/RD
91. A Study of Gains Made by I Year Degree Students in Select Aspects of Language Proficiency Through Criterion-Based Tests Srinivasan, T R M.Litt. 1984 253/RD
92. Attending to the Needs of Low - Achieving Learners at the Middle - School Level in Mauritius: Proposals for a Parallel Specific - Purpose English Curriculum Hunma, Rajendra Patil M.Litt. 1984 267/RD
93. Capturing Language Ability: A Study in a High School Class Anthony, Kunnan John M.Litt. 1984 244/RD
94. Error Analysis: The Use of Overgeneralization and Transfer as Learning Strategies in the Acquisition of Negation, Yes/No Questions and Wh-Questions Walwadkar`, Ramakant M.Litt. 1984 259/RD
95. The Academic Needs in English of the Commerce Students of Madurai-Kamaraj University: An Analysis Sundara, S M.Litt. 1984 268/RD
96. The CBSE Class Ten Course ‘ A’ in English: An Evaluation Study of the Writing Curriculum Pillai, Deepa M.Litt. 1984 265/RD
97. The Implementation of a Writing Course: A Curriculum Evaluation Study Sanyal, Mukti M.Litt. 1984 269/RD
98. Towards Designing a Study Skills Improvement Course for Home Science Students With an ESL Background at the S.V.T. College of Home Science, S.N.D.T. Women s University, Bombay Bellare, Nirmala M.Litt. 1984 247/RD
99. Effects of Maximizing Contextual Clues: A Pragmatic Study: Vol. 1 Datta, Chitra Ph.D 1984 262/RD
100. Effects of Maximizing Contextual Clues: A Pragmatic Study Vol.2 Datta, Chitra Ph.D 1984 263/RD
101. Planning an Integrative English Curriculum for Undergraduate Science Students: A Community Based Approach Jacob, P.Grace Ph.D 1984 281/RD, 282/RD
102. A Remedial Course in Spoken English for the Undergraduate Students of Banaras Hindu University. Chakrawarti, Shobhana M.Litt. 1985 271/RD

A Blueprint for Multi-Pronged Training Programmes for Teachers of English at the Pre-University Stage in Karnataka

Lakshmi Murthy,




104. N K
105. A Historical Study of the Teaching of English in the University of Madras Between the Years 1858 and 1903 Mohammed, Sayed Y M.Litt. 1985 276/RD
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108. An Analysis of the Errors Made in the Use of Indirect Speech by Telugu Learners of English at the Secondary Level Sistla, Sree Vani M.Litt. 1985 275/RD
109. An Investigation into Some Problems in Evolving an Instrumental Conversation Course for Primary School Teachers of English Jeyaseeli, S Beulah M.Litt. 1985 278/RD
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130. A Study of the Development of Expository Writing Skills at the Post-Secondary Level Kondath, Devaki M.Litt. 1986 318/RD
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132. Making Grammar Communicative at the +2 Stage of the C.B.S.E. Syllabus: A Critical Study Mookerjee, Priti M.Litt. 1986 328/RD
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The Acquisition of Verb Alternations in English by Second Language Learners





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